HBO Max’s cheaper ad-supported plan is coming in June


HBO Max is already one of the most expensive streaming services in the United States, and it gave WarnerMedia the idea. Last month, the media giant confirmed plans to introduce a cheaper ad-supported plan for those who can’t afford to pay $ 15 a month for a regular plan.

However, WarnerMedia did not say when the plan will be launched and how much it will cost. CBNC HBO Max, according to claims close to the company, will introduce a cheaper service in June that costs only $ 9.99.

A new ad-supported plan is available at AT&T at first, but pay-TV distributors may be willing to accept a cheaper service as well, even if they receive a lower revenue per user.

It’s also important to mention that HBO Max doesn’t show ads during the original shows, but everything else is full of ads; it is something that WarnerMedia has already confirmed last month.

Initially, WarnerMedia considered much cheaper $ 4.99 advertising support that would only offer HBO Max content, but the company eventually decided to choose a more versatile product.


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