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In August, astronomers and night sky observers will have a long list of exciting events. Visible from the blue moon to Jupiter and Saturn, which appear larger and brighter. Blue moons are rare, but during this month they are prominent to young astronauts who love to watch them. Here is a list of all the events, see:

On Wednesday and Thursday, August 11 and 12: Perseid meteors appear in all their glory. This is the most watched meteor shower of the year where people look forward to this special day. The best time to watch these fast-rising stars is the hours after midnight.

Friday, August 20: Saturn would travel near the moon about 3.8 degrees north of it. Even if Jupiter passed near the blue moon on August 22, within 4.1 degrees of the moon. It is also visible in the week of August, when all three celestial bodies look unusually bright and close. At the same time, these planets look to the naked eye as big bright stars.

Sunday, August 22: The third of the four full moons of the astrological period is the clear meaning of the blue moon. Today, the full moon rises and is clearly visible. The full moon of August is also known as folklore. Those interested can follow this link moon rise and the moonlit time in your area. Reports also suggest that the next seasonal Blue Moon will not be seen until August 19, 2024.

Jupiter and Saturn are facing each other this month, but their full glory will be seen on the day of the blue moon. It becomes an easy view celestial enthusiasts, because they don’t have to look too far to watch Saturn, Jupiter, and the blue moon the same night.


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