Henry Cavill stars in the rom-com movie The Rosie Project


Henry Cavill is truly a superman when it comes to the number of projects he’s currently on line. She has just been wrapped [deep breath] Witcher Season 2 For Netflix, logged in to log in Enola Holmes sequel for the same streaming service, joined Guy Ritchie a star-filled spy vehicle Argylleand took the mantle Uplands For a restart of the Lionsgate. Now Deadline says he needs to change rom-com gears Rosie projects.

Rosie projects has been floating around Hollywood for a while. At one point it was Jennifer Lawrence project which was to be directed by Richard Linklater, and then it became a Ryan Reynolds vehicle, and now it has found its way to the previous tray [?] Superman.

Written and directed for the first time by Helmer Steve Falk, Rosie projects follows an unfortunate university professor in love who creates an accurate questionnaire while trying to find his wife and meets an unusual woman who doesn’t meet any of her requirements but may be the perfect woman for her.

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