Here are the first non-Pixel phones to run Android 12 Beta


Google officially unveiled Android 12 less than 24 hours ago and beta the new operating system is already available for download. Unfortunately, if you do not use a Pixel smartphone, it is likely that your phone is not compatible with the first Android 12 Beta structure.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the final version of the operating system to be released. Google released a list of mobile phone manufacturers who confirmed that some of their devices will support Android 12 Beta at the time of release: Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, TCL, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi and ZTE.

Of course, the list above is of no use without the real names of phones that support Android 12 Beta. Before we give you the juicy details, we want to add that traditionally beta software can be quite volatile, so if you’re not a developer, you might want to wait for the public release of Android 12 later this year.

If you have decided to put Android 12 Beta on your phone and do not own a Pixel phone, here are all the valid devices confirmed so far:

There is another phone that is missing from the list, Nokia X20, but it is because Android 12 Beta cannot be downloaded. Still, HMD Global confirmed that Android 12 Beta will soon be available for the Nokia X20 as well.

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