Here’s how much it costs to repair a Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3 with a broken screen


Samsung’s new folds are quite impressive, and the company is focused make them as durable as possible – but sometimes accidents happen. We asked Samsung how much it would cost to replace the Z Flip or Z Fold 3 monitor if something happened to it, and here the company told us.

Samsung offers one year warranty with phones, so if your screen breaks in a covert way, you don’t have to pay for the repair. Out of warranty, attaching the Z Fold 3’s foldable display costs $ 479. Doing the same for Z Flip 3 costs $ 369. Fortunately, external monitors are much cheaper – repairing a broken outer monitor will set you back $ 149 a fold and $ 99 a flip.

Samsung also offers a Samsung Care Plus subscription, which costs $ 12.99 per month for both phones (although Samsung currently has a pre-subscription agreement where you don’t have to pay Care Plus fees for 12 months). For Care Plus subscribers, Samsung says there is a $ 249 fee for out-of-warranty screen repairs — although the company says “the deductible covers up to three screen repairs per year.” Care Plus extends the warranty for another two years after the original expiration date.

Traditional, unfolded phones often have the ability to repair the screen themselves, which can end up costing less than the one made by the manufacturer. However, with Samsung’s new folds, this is probably not easy. Samsung’s aforementioned means of sustainability means phones are full of sticky, hard-to-remove stuff such as tape, glue and stick. The company says the folding screens are made of several layers sealed with a “pressure-sensitive adhesive.” Someone who has disassembled some of their equipment sounds like a complete nightmare.

That said, this is not a big change. It’s not that Samsung’s previous folds would have been particularly easy to repair. And while the company’s prices are higher than the prices of traditional phone repairs – a broken iPhone 12 screen the exchange costs $ 279; The Galaxy S21 5G is priced at $ 199 – Samsung actually charges less than before. According to the Samsung site, The Z Fold 2’s internal display costs $ 549 out of warranty and the Z Flip 5G costs $ 499 depending on when you bought the phone, you may be entitled to a lump sum significantly cheaper.

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