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Rogan is a famous, rich, white man who lives in one of the most developed countries in the world and has access to quality health care during a pandemic.

Joe Rogan, his Joe Rogan experience (JRE) podcast, advised healthy people not to take COVID-19 vaccine. He continued to vaccinate children and talked about his own children’s experience with the virus. Comedian and podcaster guy Dave Smith joined him for the episode, which aired on April 23rd. The entire podcast lasted 193 minutes.

The three-hour podcast was two hours too long. Last time I was happy to watch anything for so long in Snyder’s Cut of Justice League, which was at least well worth the time spent.

Hi Joe Rogan, check your privileges and facts

Joe Rogan – Podcast host, commentator, comedian. Image Credit: YouTube

The whole discussion, like most of Rogan’s podcasts for the 12 years it has been active, was lighter. And that makes his podcast so enjoyable for most of him 190 million listeners. He’s clearly doing something right if he’s one of Spotify’s best-listened podcasters in 2020. He was paid a whopping $ 100 million for making his audio-video podcast exclusively for the music platform.

However, this podcast demands privilege and an ignorant person talking to another ignorant person about a situation they escaped unharmed, trivializing the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their lives or been greatly affected by the virus.

The first 20 minutes were tedious, but at 24 minutes, anti-vaxxer opinions began to flow and dissipate throughout the period. They started by talking about a mutual friend – Ari Shaffir – who got his Moderna shots.

Rogan said, “He (Shaffir) was shot with Moderna as soon as he returned.”

“I’m like the one who should give you the worst side effects, dude. Allegedly,” he continued with Smith along with “hmm-ing.”

Both comedians were on the roll, and the next thing Rogan talked about was “how masks don’t work at all” and mentioned a doctor’s YouTube video (Here there is scientific knowledge on how and why the use of a mask protects it COVID-19 ).

There’s a lot back and forth between them, Rogan and Smith apparently have a problem with everything and everything related to the pandemic. Throughout their tirad, I just thought to be, “Put that pewter cap off, guys. Your paranoia is visible.” An ironic idea because they jokingly mentioned the use of tin foil hats several times in the episode.

Of all the crazy things said in this podcast, Rogan added it with the word “As a global pandemic, we’re really lucky. I mean, it could have been the Spanish flu, it could have been wiped out …” he stopped filling that sentence. Maybe common sense grabbed.

According to some estimates, the Spanish flu killed 50 million people. That’s far more than three million deaths COVID-19 has caused so far. We have managed to avoid this amount because governments have introduced locking regulations, guidelines on the use of masks and hand washing, and promoted research into drugs and vaccines. Should we have waited and watched when people suffered? Isn’t this a good thing? Isn’t in retrospect our biggest weapon against future outbreaks?

Hi Joe Rogan, check your privileges and facts

Dave Smith, comedian, podcaster on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Image Credit: YouTube

However, always a yes-man, Smith complained that he can’t be loud about his opinion because people don’t like it. God forbid you are not allowed to talk about the smell of people who die during a pandemic. How do you survive without an ounce of dignity?

If Rogan thinks this virus hasn’t had as significant an impact as it could have, here are a few Indian special issues that will open his eyes.

According to the Delhi Supreme Court, India is at the momenttsunami“New COVID-19 cases. There were 3,799,257 recent infections and 3,645 deaths reported in the last 24 hours. We’ve recorded over three new senses every day for over a week.

During their brain-melting conversation, they mentioned reading science, listening to science, following the science behind the virus and vaccine. I couldn’t help but wonder if they had really taken the time and effort to read science, given their position, or were they just selectively reading the things that supported the argument they wanted?

Science is never certain and is constantly changing. During a pandemic, it changes even faster through daily studies, analyzes and reports. It’s almost impossible to keep up with everything, but if you’re going to use the platform to present strong opinions, it’s best to arm yourself with enough information.

Special mention: JRE has a producer / fact checker / Google manager who oversees the activity. This whole podcast would have offered them a lot of homework if they were fit for it.

Smith said, “Well, imagine if kids died, how much worse would panic be” in the same tone of voice that would be used when discussing the weather or an annoying pet. And I’d like to ask them – do most adults die to improve the situation?

Rogan praised not having been ill for 15 years, and continued to explain why. In addition to popping vitamins, he also praised doing daily sauna, testosterone and exercise daily.

Well, good for you, Joe. You take care of yourself. But it would not be wise to ignore the fact that you can afford to do this. Not everyone has the same ability to consume, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to suffer from the virus or worse, die.

Rogan said he is not against the vaccine. He tried to get it himself during the UFC 261 view, but for some reason couldn’t do it. He said his parents have been vaccinated and that vulnerable people should take the vaccine. However, he added that if you are 21 years old, training “all the time” and healthy, you don’t need to be vaccinated. Smith also said something similar a little earlier in the podcast.

“I don’t think you need to worry about this (COVID-19),” Rogan said.

During his tiradin, Rogan reduced coronavirus experience because his children had no undue influence, “similar to getting them cold.” Smith also stated firmly that he would not vaccinate his offspring signaling virtues.

After they were constantly digging for the White House medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauc, a good doctor spoke to the Today exhibition and said, “You talk about yourself in a vacuum. If you only want to take care of yourself and not society, then that’s ok.”

Fauci also added that healthy, young people should be “definitely” vaccinated.

There has been a lot of discussion since the release of this episode, Twitter opinions on the position of the comedians are divided. But with more than three million people killed by the virus and the United States currently the leading crime, now is not the time to be awakened brother.

Maybe Rogan needs a reminder that children and newborns have died from this virus. Many young and healthy people have died or suffered so badly that they still have long-term COVID effects. Parents, grandparents, all races, ethnic groups and age groups have died from this virus, which began in late 2019.

Perhaps Rogan needs a sign that reads “Check Your Privileges” as a famous, rich, white man who lives in one of the most developed countries in the world and has access to quality health care.

Rogan must remember that human, compassionate, and kind are qualities that everyone must have during a global crisis.

He definitely needs someone to encourage him to use his forum to spread the right information in the midst of a global humanitarian crisis that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end.

The purpose of the apology is to reject the experience of hundreds of people with a small “not offensive, but …”

Here is a list of others COVID-19 related thoughts shared by Rogan and Smith during the episode:

  • Ivermectin is 99% effective against COVID-19 , but Rogan thinks no one is talking about it. He thinks this is because it somehow prevents people from taking the vaccine if there is an effective drug – this is absolutely true. Recently, the WHO conducted an analysis of several studies and found that Ivermectin is not as effective as some think it is, and there is not enough evidence otherwise. Read the report here.
  • The locks were ineffective and were made as a way to control us – locks were started as a way to stop the spread of the virus when little was known about it. Studies have shown that they saved lives and also succeeded in helping the country recover for a short time. They led to cleaner air and water, lower pollution levels and the growth of local wildlife. You can read an analysis of the effectiveness of the lock here.
  • There was some talk about how the virus could not spread through surfaces, and everyone went furiously to clean their groceries for no reason – there was much unknown at the start of the pandemic, but changes were made during the investigations. It is not true that surface transmission cannot occur. However, the possibility is small. But why do we have a problem with hygiene and cleaning surfaces and groceries? Read the epidemiologist’s POV here.
  • Rogan mentioned that some doctors talked about fans who killed people during the pandemic, but that data was shut down and no one talked about it – That’s not true. Some of the major news channels spoke to doctors and reported on the subject. Read here.
  • Another nugget that Rogan gave us so generously was that it can be fought COVID-19 being outdoors in the sun and absorbing vitamin D – a balance of all vitamins and minerals and a healthy lifestyle will help fight all diseases. However, taking vitamin D pills or even getting natural from the sun will not help fight the virus. It helps if you have a deficiency. Read more here.
  • The most controversial of all the statements in this podcast was Rogan, who urged “young and healthy” people to avoid vaccinations because they don’t have to worry about infection – There’s no scientific evidence to support this statement. People of all ages get the virus. While it is true that the virus mostly affects the elderly, recent trends have shown that even younger adults are now infected. Read here.


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