Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard gets number one in U.S. ticket sales when Godzilla vs. Kong passes $ 100 million


Hitmans-Wifes-bodyguard-2021-movie-trailer -–- Ryan-Reynolds-Samuel-L.-Jackson-Salma-Hayek-1-32-screenshot-600x317

Despite overwhelmingly negative reviews, including our own ★★ our evaluation, The bodyguard of Hitman’s wife has attracted the charm of its star trio and taken first place Quiet place II U.S. ticket sales this weekend.

With a three-day gross of $ 11.6 million, the action comedy sequel directed by Patrick Hughes raised the total domestic amount to $ 17 million, which isn’t too bad until you think it will cost $ 70 million to make it, and has Universal F9 mirrored its long-awaited release this weekend. That’s an even more horrific opportunity, as the latest installment of the Vin Diesel vehicle line has cost $ 292 million overseas.

The summit was knocked out by the undisputed ticket revenue of 2021, John Krasinski Quiet place II, which steadily decreased 22% from the previous week by $ 9.4 million, raising the domestic balance to $ 125 million and globally to $ 221.9 million.

Other notable stories in the Top 10 were a belly-up second-year framework for Jon M. Chu’s adaptation to the Broadway musical of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit, At height, which fell 62% from a low opening mark over the weekend to $ 4.3 million and # 6 on the chart, and much better news about Warner Bros. and HBO Max’s dual-release strategy, Godzilla vs. Kong finally crossed the $ 100 million mark after three months of release. Monsterverse’s success is currently $ 442 million worldwide.


The full chart can be viewed at BoxOfficeMojo.

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