How Can I Get My Homework Answers Online?

Students often get stressed because of technical assessment tasks. They have complexity in recognizing the balance in their schedules or have complications in understanding the resources. At times, they cannot finish their assessment projects within the given time frame. It is where modern technologies can assist. There tends to be a wide range of websites that provide online study and homework help to ensure that students gain confidence while they learn. Such websites have professional online experts who undertake 1-1 assistance for students for distinct subjects.

Provided below are the websites that are an excellent source of research material for academic assignments


It is regarded as the multidisciplinary aggregator meant for open access research. It tends to have the largest collection of open access articles accessible. It enables the users to research over 219 million articles. Most of such links to the complete text editorial on the novel publisher’s website or the PDF accessible to download. About 5 million accounts are hosted openly on this database.

The mission statement of the CORE is a straightforward commitment to providing articles to anybody, anywhere across the world. They are to host the communities that are accessible for researchers to join and an ambassador community to improve their facilities at the global level. Additionally, CORE fetches progressive search choices to sort the outcomes by book year, verbal, type, repository, author and journal.

The user interface of the CORE is simple to navigate and use. Search outcomes can be sorted based on relevance or recency, and one can research pertinent content straightforwardly from the results screen.


Operating as a publishing and research system, ScienceOpen provides open admission to over 74 million articles in all fields of science. Though they do require registering to picture the complete text of articles, the process is unrestricted. The advanced search task is greatly thorough, enabling them to recognize the study they are observing for.

After finding relevant assignment answers online on this website, students can also bookmark those articles for later research. There are exclusive networking options, consisting of ScienceOpen profile, a forum meant for communicating with other researchers, the capability to track the usage and citations and the interactive bibliography. Users tend to have the capability to review the articles and offer their knowledge and insights to the community.

Directory of Open Access Journals

A communal curated directory, a multidisciplinary almanac of OA journals, offers researchers higher-quality reviewed journals. It has archived over 2 million articles from over 17193 journals, enabling the students to either surf by subject or explore by keyword. The text on the website covers themes from the law, arts, science and all in between. It is committed to raising the accessibility, visibility, usage, reputation and influence of quality, peer-reviewed, scholarly journals at global level, irrespective of geography, language or discipline.

Education Resources Information Center

It enables the students to examine the topic for resources concerning education. They can also use the filter option to view only the peer-reviewed sources for obtaining online assignment help.

The service indexes gray literature like white papers, books, technical reports, government documents, etc. All material sources on this website go via a formal appraisal procedure before being indexed. The selection policy of ERIC is accessible as a PDF on the website.

The website of ERIC has an exclusive FAQ section that constitutes addressing the questions posed by the users. It comprises categories such as peer review, general questions, and ERIC content. There are some tips for advanced searches and general guidance to search out the database. It is regarded as the competent database for content specific to education.

arXiv e-Print Archive

It is a renowned resource in the area of computer science and mathematics. It is curated by the volunteer moderators, and it now offers open access to over 1 million e-prints. Advisory committees for almost eight subjects are available on this database. This website’s commitment is to focus on collaboration, openness, and scholarship.

The interface is not user-friendly as few other databases are available. The host of the website blog offers updates and news; however, it is otherwise a direct science and math resource. Advanced and simple search options are there, and in addition to carrying out searches for particular articles and topics, users can browse text by subject.

SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

It is a gathering of documents from the community of social sciences. It is largely an interdisciplinary platform used to search out scholarly articles related to 76 topics of social science. It has a wide range of research networks for the several topics available through free scholarly databases.

This website provides over 700000 abstracts and over 600000 full-text papers. There is no such particular alternative to search for just full-text objects, but since most papers on the website are freely accessible, it is not regularly that students come across a paywall. There is presently no option to research for just peer-reviewed journal articles. This site is passionately committed to raise inclusion, equity, and diversity in scholarly research.

Public Collection of Science

It is a major performer in the realm of open access discipline. Issuing over 12 journals, NPO is dedicated to easing openness in theoretical research. As per the site, all text posted on PLOS is at the greatest promising level of open access, indicating that technical articles are freely and immediately accessible to anybody, anywhere.

It outlines 4 basic objectives that guide the firm – empower researchers, break boundaries, open science and redefine quality. All PLOS journals are peer-reviewed, and all 12 journals uphold ethical standards for publication, research and scientific reporting. This website also has resources for peer reviewers, comprising guidance on becoming the reviewer and on which way to participate in peer review effectively.


It is a comprehensive source for recognizing free articles and journals. With the help of Google Custom Search, this website combs via OA repositories across the sphere and yields pertinent study in all subjects. The sources that it quests over are categorized and assessed by the staff of OpenDOAR to make sure that they fulfill the quality principles.

It enables the users to search and browse repositories that can then be chosen, and data and articles can be accessed directly from the repository. As a repository database, much of the content on site is geared toward supporting the standards and repositories.

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

It tends to offer over 240 million documents from over 8000 sources. 60% of the text is open admittance, and students can filter the search in accordance with that. It tends to have rigorous inclusion needs for content providers concerned with relevance and quality. They constitute maintaining a list of them for transparency that can be found on the website. It fairly has an elegant interface. The title, author or date can arrange search outcomes.

From search outcomes, items can be chosen and exported, added to the favorites, searched and emailed in Google Scholar. There are advanced and basic search attributes, with the advanced search providing several options for refining the criteria for search.

Digital collection of commons source

It is considered a multidisciplinary paper repository that enables students to access hundreds of articles worldwide. It also fetches comprehensive bibliography of Commons, a picture database and a keyword glossary for improved search parameters. This repository consists of book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, thesis, dissertations, surveys, and working papers. Its advanced search attribute to the drop-down menus of search types with built-in Boolean search options.

The searches can be filtered by title, date, relevance or submission date in descending or ascending order. Abstracts are included in selected search outcomes, with access to full texts, and citations can be exported from similar pages.

Peer-reviewed articles are regarded as highly legitimate sources for academic research. Its process offers legitimacy as it is rigorous of the article’s content that is carried out by academics and scholars who are professionals in their study area. The review offers an evaluation of the quality and credibility of the article. Open access is termed a great resource for carrying out academic research. Higher-quality journal articles available via OA can be highly helpful for research. Criteria meant for inclusion for the database comprise the requirements for global access, content, and categorically adequate content, additionally to several other measures of quality assurance. It has data, metadata, preservation, submission policies, and content for repositories, in addition to the two policy statements concerning optimum and minimum recommendations.

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