How do you fix common Xfinity Router Problems?

When you are using an Xfinity Router, some things you should keep in mind. Like, you should have an updated driver installed for better connectivity. Also, it is best if the router is within the line of sight of the computer.  This ensures a stable connection between the devices. It is important to have knowledge about these. You will get to learn about different problems like Xfinity default router login that you face while using the router and also the steps to troubleshoot them easily and instantly.

Common Problems and Solutions

Can’t access Xfinity Gateway

It is pretty common when you’re unable to access your Xfinity Gateway. Facing technical issues is so common these days but also troubleshooting methods can solve problems very easily. 

Step 1

Check different apps and websites and ensure the internet strong

Step 2

Then check for local outages 

Step 3

Ensure that the equipment cables are plugged in and 

Step 4

Unplug your equipment and then wait for one minute

Step 5

Then plug it back in. This fixes many connection problems.

Step 6

Also make sure your account is up to date on payments 

Router Flashing Orange

The lights on the router are a good indicator of the current state of the device. It also describes the network itself. Orange light flashing is stated as with all other color combinations. Additionally, an orange light blinking on your Xfinity router indicates that the device is connecting to the Xfinity system.


  • It can be a firmware upgrade.
  • Damaged or malfunctioning splitter.
  • Service outage because of bad weather
  • A defective router or modem.

How do you fix this?

Reboot the router.

Rebooting the router should be your number one solution. You can also try a factory reset. This fixes any problem in almost all cases. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you can try the next solution.

Check the splitter.

A damaged or malfunctioning splitter could be the reason for the problem. Check this by connecting the internet cable directly to the router and seeing if the blinking orange light has stopped blinking or not.

Check the cables.

Cleaning around it or moving the router may unintentionally disconnect a cable. So, try fixing the cable and checking if the connection is loose. Because all of this can result in an Xfinity router blinking orange.

Service outage

Service outages can affect the signal strength that triggers the orange light. So, use your phone and the Xfinity App to check if there are service outages. When the service outage problem is fixed, the light stops blinking. If you might have a question about how to reboot Xfinity router. Keep reading the blog further. 

Malfunctioning router

If you have been using the same router for many years, then the orange light can start blinking and inform you to get a new one.

Internet and Wi-Fi problem

Go for restarting your Xfinity Gateway. As it is the most common way to troubleshoot Internet and Wi-Fi-related issues. If the system detects an issue that can’t be fixed by troubleshooting, then you will have an option to schedule an appointment with an expert.

Step 1

Check other apps and  websites and make sure that there is no connection issue 

Step 2

After that, check for local outages. You can use the Xfinity Status Center Outage Map for doing so. 

Step 3

Then make sure that the equipment cables are plugged in properly

Step 4

Then, unplug the equipment and wait for a minute. Then, plug it back in . This is called rebooting or power cycling. 

Step 5

Also, make sure that your account is up to date on payments 

Xfinity Crashing

Things you can check:

  • Loose Cables
  • Signal Interference
  • Distance of WiFi
  • Service Outage

How do you solve this?

Inspect the cables

Make sure that the cables are properly intact. If they are loose, then try slightly twisting them. Then check if the network is back or not. If it comes while holding it in a particular position then there might be a loose connection. Also, check for some potential damage Remember to replace the cable if there is a lot of damage. 

Move the Router

Always keep in mind that the position of the router is highly significant. If it is placed somewhere near the ground, then try putting it in a higher area. Then, If you are trying to connect from outside, then your connection might get disrupted. Also, ensure not to place the router in a closet. This can hinder your connectivity.

Clean the Router

You must take very good care of anything you buy and invest in whatever may be the cost of it. Take good care of the router and find any dust on it. It is very important to keep it clean. It is important to keep it clean because dust particles get piled up on the machine. And this weakens the connectivity.

Causes of all kinds of problems:

  • Low signal quality from the wireless router
  • The proper MTU size of the network has not been determined
  • Frequency interference from any other wireless devices
  • Any kind of physical obstructions
  • Mismatched router
  • Mismatched adapter settings
  • The computer adapter’s driver needs to be upgraded
  • Power outage

Sudden power interruptions result in intermittent wireless connections. Similarly, the reasons for common problems that you face in your Xfinity Router have been mentioned above. And with that, solutions and Troubleshooting methods for different kinds of problems like Xfinity modem blinking Orange have also been mentioned above. Facing such errors is undoubtedly very irritating and frustrating. But you should not worry and be impatient. On the other hand, be patient and look for troubleshooting methods. Just like above, you can follow the steps properly. Lastly, also remember that you can contact the customer support service and ask for their assistance as they have the required experience and expertise that can help you the best. 

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