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WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows users to join a group video or voice call if they need it. In addition, if a call drops, users can also rejoin the call with this feature because the call is still ongoing. Until now, only a participant can add another person to a video or voice call. Users also have the ability to see who is on the call or who has been invited and has not yet joined. According to the company, if you press “skip”, you can join later on the Calls tab WhatsApp“.

Users can even rejoin the call as it is still ongoing.  Photo: WhatsApp

Users can even rejoin the call as it is still ongoing. Photo: WhatsApp

How to join a missed WhatsApp video call

Phase 1:Open WhatsApp and go to the “Calls” tab

Step 2: If the call is still in progress, tap it and you will see all the call details

Step 3: Select “Join Call”

WhatsApp makes it clear that only eight people can join a video call at a time, and you can’t remove a person from an ongoing call.

According to the company, this feature is now available to all Android and iOS users.

According to WhatsApp, “Today we present the ability to join a group call, even if it has begun. WhatsApp. “


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