How Much Time Does The Ethics GS4 Paper In The UPSC Require Along With Two Revisions?

The complete course of ‘Ethics Integrity and Aptitude’ is Ethics GS4 cover at EDEN IAS in around videotape assignments (including case studies) each. therefore, you need around (30 hours) to watch the vids (in Hindi or English).

You can devote nearly the same quantum of time to working. On the MCQs and studying the notes. Therefore, you need around 60 hours for getting. The first round of medication for GS- 4.

You must also exercise answer writing in the Practice point of the course. You must first read the formerly written answer and also. Write numerous answers (including case studies) of your own. So that you can get feedback about the quality of your answer and suggestions for enhancement.

You can also exercise some further case studies from other books, which shouldn’t take further than 30 further hours.

You must also reserve an aggregate of 30 hours for modification of the notes doubly.

Hence, you need around 180 hours of medication for learning the GS- 4 paper.

still, it would take just around one and a partial month of medication, If you can devote indeed 4 hours a day.

Ethics paper has defined syllabus with terms like equity, the extremity of heart, integrity, compassion, etc. The paper needs to come in a particular paper. A lot of times directly it’s ask to give exemplifications from one’s own life.

How would you handle conflict of interest or illustration of a situation where you face extremity of heart and how was it answer?

Also occasionally general exemplifications are ask

Bare compliance with the law isn’t enough, the public menial also has to have a well-develope sensibility to ethical issues for effective discharge of duties” Do you agree?

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Explain with the help of two exemplifications where

(i) an act is immorally right, but not fairly, and

(ii) an act is fairly right, but not immorally.

Hence types of exemplifications need to be prepare on every term/ content in the syllabus

particular exemplifications- from one’s own life and gests.

General Exemplifications- can be taken from incidents quoted in journals involving ethical acts. These help in case study results also.

An incident was quoted in how a DM sat with scholars and preceptors to have a reflection to resolve estate differences. In the medical day mess scheme.

This exact case study was ask in the paper exemplifications of honesty, integrity, and work ethics. The lives of leaders or personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Kalam, etc. These can be quoted in answers.

It’s better to keep a set of exemplifications ready on every content beforehand and revise them and use them in practice answers. This ensures that time isn’t waste in allowing in the examination hall and also those good exemplifications can be quoted as they’re formerly prepare.

The rest need operation of course knowledge and understanding which made them just as simple.

Another good exercise that we did was to break questions from 2013 – 21 If you haven’t, also you make a big mistake- questions and generalities repeat heavily in ethics and once you have confidently written a question in the class and bandied it with your tutor/ schoolteacher, you’ll be suitable to complete it in the test with ease.

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Now obviously, it’s too early for me to praise anyone since the result isn’t out (if we use the result as a parameter).

But I felt the change in my thinking and approach to the GS4 paper (that explosively affect GS 1 – 3 as well) which allow me to be more in command in the test. I suppose I’ve done justice to the demands of the paper. I’ll modernize when the result comes.

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