How To Budget Your Travel Amid Emerging Inflation?

Most countries are facing inflation, in this post-covid-19 era, some more than others. People around the world have had to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Many people believe that traveling is hard or impossible as the cost of plane tickets, cruises, hotel stays, taxis, tours, food, and much more have risen over the past year or so. I say that traveling is possible! However, you will have to plan and manage the money you spend traveling. There are many ways to manage your expenses, and one of them is budgeting.

What Does Budgeting Your Travel Expenses Mean?

Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. This spending plan is called a budget. Creating this spending plan allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money to spend on traveling. Travel budgeting is simply balancing your expenses such as travel, food, accommodation and other expenses, with your income. It is a great way to manage your travel expenses to avoid spending unnecessarily.

But how do you budget your travel expenses?

Book well in advance

Many airlines and agencies can offer their services at a lower cost when you book/pay in advance. But why is that? It is because these bookings ensure the airline, agency, or other institution that their seats will not be empty when the day of the event arrives.

Which institutions allow you to book in advance?

  • Airlines
  • Agencies
  • Hotels
  • Parties
  • Events

You can also sign-up for credit cards that offer bonuses for gas payments to get a bit more out of rising gas prices. Enrolling in gas reward programs like Shell’s Fuel Rewards program and BP’s BPme Rewards can also cut your per-gallon costs.

Plan An Alternate Experience

Financial experts report that inflation is very much going to stay for a while. One way to cut down on traveling costs is to visit locations that are not as popular among tourists but are still great experiences overall.

Visiting the most popular tourist destinations is, without a doubt, going to be costly, and traveling during the season will be especially expensive. Most people in the UK go on vacation during Easter, Christmas, or during the Summer holidays, meaning the cost of traveling during these seasons is much higher than during other times of the year.

A country like Turkey, which is suffering internally from a weak currency and high inflation, can provide a budget-friendly alternative for travelers.

You end up helping the country by contributing to its tourism industry. It’s a win-win situation!

You can also try traveling to locations during the off-peak season or visiting countries that aren’t as popular among tourists and find yourself saving a lot of money.

You would be surprised by some of these underrated travel destinations that are much more budget-friendly.

Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Pangkor Island, which is located off the coast of Malaysia in the Perak region, is known for its beautiful beaches. However, the island also offers a range of other attractions, including a historic Dutch fort, a Taoist temple, and a rainforest that you can explore during your visit.

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, located 18 miles outside of Lisbon, Portugal, is known for its colorful and picturesque buildings, such as the Pena Palace, a 19th-century castle in the Romanticist style. In addition to its architecture, the city is also home to beautiful gardens, such as the Quinta da Regaleira estate, which is described by TripAdvisor users as “mystic” and “memorable”.


According to US News and World Report, Anguilla – a British overseas territory – has the best beaches in the Caribbean. The island has a ban on cruise ships, casinos, and high-rise hotels, making it a peaceful and unspoiled destination. Shoal Bay is one of the best beaches on the island, according to TripAdvisor users, who rave about its white powder sand and turquoise water. One user describes Shoal Bay East as “the best” of Anguilla’s beautiful beaches.

Watch Out for Discounts and Deals

Deals and discounts are plentiful if you keep an eager eye out for them. These deals can shave countless dollars off the original cost.

Keep an eye out for travel agencies that offer deals during special occasions throughout the year or during holidays. Travel agencies can give us these deals, as they can purchase on behalf of several individuals.

Travel agencies also offer discounts on bundle offers or when large groups choose to travel with them.

Choose Local over Luxury

Luxury hotels and food are a great experience. They can also be costly. We recommend trying local alternatives to minimize the accommodation costs, which are generally cheaper in comparison and allow you to live in the shoes of a local.  A great example for this are these affordable yet spacious and stylish apartments for rent in Long Beach, CA. You may choose from a wide variety of rentals they offer in different cities!

Many tourists on a budget, travel by public transport, eat at local restaurants, stay at cheap hotels and try street food to save up.

Steps You Can Take to Budget for Your Next Holiday

Now that you’ve taken a look at the different ways you can save up on your travel expenses. Let us plan a budget.

  • Note down amounts you can allocate for different aspects of your trip, such as transportation, food, emergency money, money for tickets and bookings, and shopping.
  • Use an app to aid you in keeping track of your budget. Apps will allow you to input amounts after each transaction, allowing you to keep an eye on your budget in real time!
  • Book accommodation, travel, and flights that meet your budget, this means planning well in advance to get the best possible deals.
  • Pack light, and avoid extra baggage costs by packing light. Pack only essential items, and remember to pack clothes that can be combined well with each other.

By following these tips, you can budget and save money , while travel during inflation. Make your next holiday a reality with Aero Travels.

Our goal is to make traveling accessible to everyone, not just a luxury enjoyed by a few. To achieve this, we have carefully chosen destinations and hotels, and have created an itinerary that is designed to meet your needs.

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