How to care of your eyes in this winter 2022


Eyes are a precious gift from God. Now that December has arrived and all the festivities have begun, it’s really starting to feel like Christmas. Although we may be busy at this time of year, it is important to take care of our eyes because bright lights and dark nights force them to work harder to do what they want. Here are some tips to help you keep your eyes peeled for this festive season.


Check your makeup expiration dates.

With the nights out and being able to get together this year (hopefully) you’ll want to try some of the eye makeup you’ve seen on Instagram or TikTok. But before applying this eyeliner, make sure your makeup is up to date.

Check again for a small jar icon with a number and the letter M in front of it. This shows that as long as the product is good for opening and staying in the air, after this date the product will not be as effective and may become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can itch and affect the skin. Maybe, especially around the eyes. .

So before you start this shiny party style, make sure you have all the products you need – and always make sure they are up to date. And if in doubt, throw it out, just to make sure your eye isn’t affected. This will be a great way to reduce the mood of your holiday.


Take regular breaks from screens.

During Christmas and holidays, we all spend a lot of time looking at our screens. Whether it’s late-night Christmas shopping or a craze for your new phone, our eyes can go through a lot at this time of year.

Prolonged staring at your screen can cause eye strain, headaches, and pain in your neck and back. If you plan to have a lot of screen time during Christmas and New Year, you should invest in some blue light glasses.


We asked Matt, the owner of Arlo Wolf Eyewear, how blue light glasses really work.

Blue light glasses can help protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays, which are often emitted from digital devices such as laptops, TV screens, and even mobile phones.

“We are certainly exposed to extra extreme-strength seen light (HEV) than ever earlier than, frequently from our cellular telephones and computer video show units. Are designed to help keep your eyes healthy by reducing headaches and eye strain. ”



Healthy food for your eyes

Like our body, hair, and skin, our eyes can be affected by what we eat. To take care of your eyes during the colder months and keep them healthy, you may want to try adding omega-3 fatty foods, such as oily fish, seeds, and nuts. It is also a good idea to use foods rich in vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables.


Prevent dry eyes.

Strong winter winds can cool your spine, but they can also have a dry effect on your eyes. Make positive you stay hydrated in the course of the day and drink masses of water. If your eyes are dry, buy some eye drops so they don’t feel itchy or irritated, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.


As much as we all like to sit comfortably by the fire at night, hot fire can also cause your eyes to dry out. We suggest investing in a humidifier to prevent dry heat and keep some moisture in the air. Humidifiers can help keep your eyes moist and smooth during the colder months.

Tired eyes

With deep days and long nights, our natural light is a bit limited. Some tasks can be more difficult to accomplish, such as reading, writing a Christmas card, and wrapping gifts when the natural light is insufficient. To avoid eye strain, you need to make sure that you are performing activities in well-lit areas.


With so much to do and enjoy during the festive season, you want to make the most of your time. Following these simple tips will help you take care of your eyes and keep them in perfect condition so that you can go out and enjoy this cold.


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