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which one is good, you need to get “how to choose FPV goggles” right now. Here are 12 tips FPV goggles.

1. Weight and size: The right weight and size are comfortable to use and take ..

2. Eyecup: The leather eyecup is as comfortable as foam. In addition, the leather is easy to clean, but not the foam.

3.Battery: Many batteries are like a fat shark needing to tie it to the end, which adds weight when you use it. The battery compartment can sweat more easily, especially in summer, so a laptop / pocket battery with an extension cord is better.

4. Fan: The built-in fan also does not mist to provide a small amount of facial cooling when using the unit.

5. Front camera: This is not very important, but can tell you the situation around you

6.DVR: this is not very important, but someone needs. BTW, now most have a 4: 3 aspect ratio, but the 16: 9 aspect ratio of the DVR will be good.

7. What is included: you need a battery, battery charger, HDMI cable, AV cable, JR cable, extra eyecup for normal use of FPV goggles.

8. What’s included: You need a battery, battery charger, HDMI cable, AV cable, JR cable, extra eyecup for normal use of FPV goggles.

9.FOV degree: the result is better if the FOV degree is ≥30 °.

10. screen resolution: ≥854X480 is better than 720 X540,640X480,320X240.

11. IPD: is good if it can be adjusted, eg: 59.5-69.5mm, 59-69mm, 60-68mm. It’s worse if the IPD is fixed.

12.Receiver sensitivity: it is good if the goggles are diverse

Flysight SpeXman One FPV goggles (retail price: about $ 300-500 / piece)



Enable PIP: Menu> General settings> PIP> ON.

The secondary image can be made smaller or larger: 420×240, 266×160 and 133×80 pixels with the “-” and “+” buttons.

To move the secondary image, select Location.


Wide DC 6-28 V range: supports 2S – 6S Li-Po batteries.


Support for HDMI 1.3 input: Up to 1920 * 1080p / 60Hz.

Wireless receivers are automatically turned off in this mode to save power.


Enjoy stereo sound by connecting the headphone jack.


Tap the “OK” button To enable the front camera function, the front camera view will appear in full screen. Tap “OK” again to return to the previous state.


In this mode, the goggles continuously compare the RSSI of ANT1 and ANT2 and then switch to the strongest signal.

The DIV AV OUT port produces a video signal or an external monitor diversity signal.

DIV AV OUT only works in DIV mode.


Press the Menu button to see either General Settings or System Settings.

Use the “Mode” button to switch between different icons, “OK” to select the highlighted icon and “Menu” to return to the previous screens.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope this helps you!

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