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Relative to “home improvement”, the former mainly focuses on the amazon discount code nhs – especially the visual effects. The latter focuses on Able to go, that is generally referred to as decoration.

Home decoration is mainly to add beauty to the living room by decorating, pasting, hanging and paving some items. these items

Including: bonsai, vases, wallpaper, bead curtains, calligraphy and painting, fabrics and other accessories.

With the development of the times, more and more integration between home decoration and home decoration, such as: lighting, window decoration, lifting drying rack, etc.,

Ornament Specifications

The size and height of the placement space are the basis for determining the specifications of the jewelry. Generally speaking, the size and height of the ornaments are the same as

proportional to the space.

jewelry color matching

The color around the jewelry placement point is the basis for determining the color of the jewelry. There are two commonly used methods, one with harmonious colors, and the other with harmonious colors.

A pairing colorimetric. Colors that are closer to the placement point (colors of the same color family) are harmonious colors, such as red with pink, white

Color with gray. Yellow with orange etc. Colors that are more strongly paired with the placement points are contrasting colors, such as black with white, blue with yellow, white

With green etc.


The shape of the furniture is the basis for determining the shape of the accessories. The regular match is a square formula, and a circle is matched with a circle, but if you use a comparison

The effect of the method is more unique, such as the red circle formula, horizontal and vertical, complex shape with shape introduction and so on. 

light combination

The light of the placement position is the basis for determining the brightness of the jewelry. We usually place the jewelry in a well-lit position. The color can be darker, and where the light is dark, place accessories with brighter colors.

space combination

The function of the placement space is the basis for determining the type of jewelry. What kind of accessories to put in this space must be considered in this space

Using the function, you can put flowers, fruits and wine utensils on the dining table, but if you put human sculptures on the dining table, it is unacceptable. 

How To Do Home Decor Tips

Interesting home decoration, after reading you can also decorate your house yourself, the method is as follows. You can visit at ebay discount code nhs


  • Cut the sponge into the same size, put it on the roller, use it to paint the wall, and you can bring your own stripes.
  • Crack the glass bottle of your favorite color, brush the wall with a layer of cement, stick the broken glass bottle on it, and then brush a layer of white latex, this pattern is super beautiful.
  • Don’t throw broken cups, brush a layer of cement on the wooden board, stick the broken porcelain bowls on, and then brush a layer of white latex, you can make pots for planting potted plants.

Home decoration calligraphy and painting renderings

Home decoration with calligraphy and painting has become an indispensable soft decoration factor now; the decoration of home life with calligraphy and painting can not only improve the owner’s taste.

But also increase the artistic atmosphere of the home, cultivate sentiment, and help improve the feng shui fortune of the home, but different calligraphy and painting have Different implication, home decoration is suitable for Chinese painting of flowers and birds.

The pictures of Chinese paintings of flowers and birds are harmonious and natural, with rich and auspicious meanings. They are typical representatives of home decoration calligraphy and painting. You can also check at wayfair discount code 


  • In general, home decoration calligraphy and painting mainly choose Chinese painting of flowers and birds, such as the rich and auspicious peony calligraphy and painting.
  • The elegant and clean lotus painting, the nine fish lotus painting that has been around for years, and the proud plum blossom painting are typical home decoration painting and calligraphy.

Specific renderings

Peony diagram:

Next to the pond, a peony grows vigorously, with thick branches and green leaves, and huge peony flowers are blooming, colorful and dazzling. The newly grown leaves show its unique green color, showing strong vitality. Large and small pebbles are scattered in the pond, and three carp are playing in the water.

One is swimming smoothly, the other is rushing towards the water, and the other is jumping high and leaping out of the water, with the look of a carp leaping over a dragon gate.

The swimming carp and the peony form a contrast echo of movement and stillness. Harmonious and vivid, it brings some warmth and beauty to home life, and it also has the effect of attracting wealth and good fortune.

plum blossom

The composition of this work is dense on the left and sparse on the right, with dense and dense, interspersed branches, full of charm. Use the shades of color and ink to make the space distinct. A few magpies stayed among the flowers, a scene of birds chirping and flowers fragrant.

The meaning of the plum blossom is: strength, elegance and loyalty. It symbolizes the spiritual quality of perseverance, perseverance amazon discount code nhs, courage and self-improvement.

In the severe cold, the plum blossoms before the hundred flowers, and spring is the only one in the world. The inscription “Happy Browsing” is very relevant, and it is a very good choice to hang it in the living room or bedroom.

Four screens of flower and bird painting

The four-striped screen of flower and bird painting is also a favorite living room decoration painting; the national flower is composed of peony amazon discount code nhs, plum, bamboo and peach. And the birds sing, which is a natural and harmonious feng shui;

The peony symbolizes wealth, peace, good luck, and good luck; the fiery red plum blossom means prosperous fire. Bamboo is also a spiritual and cultural symbol of elegance, purity, modesty, and restraint. Peach blossoms have always been the representative of love.

Not only that, the Cantonese people put red peach blossoms during the Spring Festival, which means the grand exhibition (big exhibition of hearts), because the Cantonese word is red. Peach has the same sound as Hongtu.

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