How to Convert MOV Files to MP4


Today, most people find MOV files obsolete, and MP4 files are easier to use. Unfortunately, you may still have a large collection of old MOV files that take up space on your Mac. You can convert them to MP4 file format with a little patience by following these step-by-step instructions.

Convert MOV files with iMovie (MacOS)

Do you have the latest version MacOS Big Sur (here how to download it) or something a little older, you should have no problem converting MOV files to MP4 using the built-in iMovie tool.

Phase 1: Launch iMovie, the native video editing software that came with your Mac (download it for free from the App Store). If the app is not yet in the dock, click Finder icon, select Applications in the left pane and select iMovie from the resulting list. Once opened, click File menu on the application toolbar and select Release from the drop-down menu.

How to Convert MOV Files to MP4

Step 2: Click large That media button. This will open the media browser.

How to Convert MOV Files to MP4

Step 3: Click the file you want to import, and then click That selected in the bottom right corner.

How to Convert MOV Files to MP4

Step 4: When the file is imported, click on it and a yellow border will appear around it. Then click File on the application toolbar, and select Ice from the drop-down menu. Then click File.

How to Convert MOV Files to MP4

Step 5: Adjust the export settings, if desired, and then click Next.

How to Convert MOV Files to MP4

Step 6: Finally, select the name and location for the file where you want to save, and then click Save. You can see the export progress in a small circle in the upper right corner of iMovie. When the export is complete, you will see a desktop notification. Your MOV file has now been converted to an MP4 file.

How to Convert MOV Files to MP4

If you encounter difficulties at some point during the process, you can try different troubleshooting options Apple’s Guide to Repairing iMovies.

Convert MOV files with CloudConvert (web-based)

If you’re using a non-Mac device – such as a Windows computer – you can still easily convert MOV files to MP4 with an online application. For example, we use CloudConvert, a freemium web service designed to handle a wide variety of file formats effortlessly. It’s been our choice for years, but since you have to upload your video file to a remote server, keep in mind that the video conversion company may have access to it. And when using online conversion methods, we think it’s worth noting that you should always exercise some restraint when converting potentially inappropriate or private videos. Nonetheless, CloudConvert seems to be a great online file conversion option with no serious complaints.

We also recommend OnlineConvert as another excellent conversion tool.

Phase 1: From CloudConvert on the home page, click choose a file button. Select the MOV file you want to convert, and then click Open From the bottom corner of the File Explorer screen.

Cloud transformation

Step 2: Click on the next page Down arrow icon next to a sentence Convert. Then select MP4 from the menu that appears.

Step 3: Click Convert button on the right. Once the conversion is complete, CloudConvert can automatically play the newly converted video file for you to see what the conversion will look like. If the video looks good, you can click the green to download the file charge button.

The file goes to the Downloads folder, where you can watch MP4 video on any compatible device or platform.

Cloud Convert download

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