How to Create a Wikipedia Page That Improves Your Online Presence

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia for all the humans of the world. If you are a big name in the industry or have invented something unique and dynamic, then you must have to create a Wikipedia page. Moreover, the notability of the business or company leads to a Wikipedia page. If you fill this criterion, then you must follow these steps to create a Wikipedia page.


Steps to create a Wikipedia page

You must follow these steps if you don’t know How To Create A Wikipedia Page.


The foremost step to do anything for the very first time is to have know-how about things. Search for Wikipedia pages that already exist. This will help you in the successful submission of your page. The page may get rejected if it is not up to the mark. Search the relevant phrase or keyword to find out about the topic.


Create an account

To create your page, it is necessary to make an account. This will also allow you to make edits to any article that already exists on the platform. Creating an account with your name and email is beneficial.


Take baby steps

When you are doing something for the first time in your life, you must take baby steps. This should be the case with Wikipedia as well. Existing pages must be tried before creating a new page. Try making edits to the existing pages. You can add any additional information that you feel is beneficial for the readers. You can also add backlinks. This will give you an insight into the content management system. When a user creates an account on Wikipedia, changes can be made. These changes will then be recorded on that user page. It can be accessed by anyone. After you perform edits, you become credible and can become an autoconfirmed user. After that, you become eligible to use other function that was first restricted for you. These include uploading images and moving pages to public spaces.


Gather your sources

When you have decided to create a wiki page. Then you must start gathering resources for that page or articles. Then it will become a less time-consuming process.

The sources you add to the page are very important. Wikipedia is regarded as an important marketing tool or channel. Therefore, it is important to provide relevant information and links.

For this purpose, third-party resources are required. If any notable personality or business wants to create a Wikipedia page, they have to follow it. These sources can include websites, videos, or articles. Anything that supports the content must be added.

The content created must be informational. It should not be promotional at all. It must provide complete facts. Add complete information about your business and link to the website.

Images can also be used. But personal images cannot be used. And if any image is subjected to copyright, then it is also not allowed. Adding copyright images can delay the process.

Write the copy

Now you are all set to write content for your Wikipedia page. You can use various tools to create and edit the content. Check the editing and structure of the content thoroughly. The content you create must be informational and free from any kind of promotion. The content should also be unique and dynamic. This writing criteria to create a Wikipedia page must be fulfilled to avoid any kind of rejection.


Submit the page

After successful completion of the page, submit it to Wikipedia. After a page is submitted, it gets approved or challenged. It can also get rejected. IF it meets the criteria, it gets moved to the public space.

Once it gets life, it can be edited by other editors. You can then edit the page y yourself by checking it daily and updating it.

This whole process will make you understand the system.


How it improves your digital presence

After you create your Wikipedia page, you get more visible. If you own a business and create a Wikipedia page for it, you will get noticed by a lot of audiences through SEO. When a customer is interested in getting services from any business, they make online searches. They type keywords or phrases on the google search engine.

The search engine shows a lot of sites in the result. But according to studies, users only click the first three sites that appear on the top of the result page. This is showing the digital presence of the brand is improved and it becomes visible. It is trusted by many consumers all over the world. The information they read on a wiki page is believed to be reliable and authentic. Therefore, this opportunity should not be missed. After owning a website, a wiki page should also be created by a company to generate leads.

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