How to disable quick chat in Among Us Patch 3.5 – Bugs and Fixes

Among Dev rolled out a new map and feature, bringing back the game on the map. The new airship map has taken the game by storm, and the additional quick chat here is to revolutionize the handheld experience. But the new patch brings in problems with the quick chat, and game bugs are a bit of an annoyance leaving a sour taste.

Among Us Devs Drop Patch 3.5 Update and How to disable quick chat

Among Us is a multiplayer online where 10 people are working on their daily scientific task as two members are trying to kill everyone on the ship. The game calls for coordination between crewmates and brings out the deception skill of the imposters. The game received fame initially during the pandemic, making it the best time spenders.

Among Us Quick Chat

The new map airship has gained a lot of attention for its unique elements and large size. Aside from the map, the devs introduced a quick chat feature for handheld users and users under 13. It is pretty hard to type in-game while playing, especially for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox player. The Quick chat features:

  • Accusation
  • System 
  • Crew 
  • Location
  • Statement 
  • Question 
  • Response
  • ‘Yeet’ – For the Meme

For the ease of communicating, Among Us now comes with pre-recorded chat section. The quick chat was made for users under 13 years, helping them avoid the toxicity and profanities while communicating in the game. Parents can take advantage of this feature to protect their children online and manually turn them on. 

But not everything is meant to go to plan. The new update introduced problems in the quick chat menu, and people weren’t able to use the chat as a whole. The developers have released a patch fixing the bug, but here is the method to disable the quick chat.

  • Turn on your computer and start Steam.
  • Run Among Us Game and find the settings button(Gear Icon). 
  • Under the Data tab, select chat type 

Quick chat settings

  • You can select free chat or quick chat or even keep both of them active at the same time.

The developers keep updating the game, and bugs usually receive patches. Stay tuned for the latest Among Us news and How-to content.

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