How to download and install iOS 15 Developer Beta


How to download and install iOS 15

Apple has released the iOS 15 developer version and you can now install it on your iPhone.

We’ve already used the beta on a few iPhones here in the office, and it’s mostly stable, with just a few bugs here and there, and the usual small drop in battery life, but if you’re not afraid of it, you might want to try it and see all the new iOS 15 features on your device. Of course, this is an early beta version and is not the most stable software in the world, so it makes sense to install this on a secondary device instead of a primary device.

In this sense, downloading and installing iOS 15 is really simple.

Here is a quick breakdown …

How to install iOS 15 Developer Beta:

1. Start with a full iTunes backup of your data. Fortunately, you no longer need iTunes for it: just connect iPhone to your Mac with a cable and back it up with the Finder, or alternatively, you can back up your iPhone to iCloud. This is important because you are installing beta software that is not quite final, so you may experience errors.

2. A beta for iOS 15 developers is available Apple Developer Website. You must have a developer account to use it. Keep in mind that an Apple developer membership costs $ 99 a year and is a prerequisite for installing the beta.
* If you haven’t signed up for the Apple Developer program, the good news is that the public iOS 15 beta is coming in July, so it shouldn’t take long before you can install it, too.

3. Once you’re signed in, you’ll need to register iPhone by downloading your iOS 15 beta profile. To find it, tap Downloads in the upper right corner or use the drop-down menu on the left.

4. Find the iOS 15 profile and make sure you’ve enabled the download.

5. Finally, go to Settings> General> Software Update and you should see the iOS 15 beta. Click the “Download and Install” button and you are installing the beta. After a short wait until it is installed, you will need to restart. When it restarts, it will use the beta software, and you’re done!

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