Step by step Instructions on How to Draw A Narwhal

How to Draw A Narwhal. Unicorns may not exist, but some creatures bear similarities to them in the animal kingdom. The narwhal is one such creature with a big horn like a unicorn!

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This trait makes it one of the most unique and interesting ocean creatures. This unique look can also make drawing a narwhal frustrating. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be hard or frustrating when you understand what to do!

How to Draw A Narwhal

Step 1

To start this guide on drawing a narwhal, let’s start with the most iconic part: the funnel! You can create a long, thin, and pointed shape to draw it.

You could use a sovereign to make it a little easier! Once you’ve drawn this horn, you can use a curved line for the top of the narwhal’s head. Once you’ve drawn these elements, you’re ready for the next step in this guide!

Step 2

Now that you have your narwhal’s head and horn, the next thing you can do is draw the belly and first fins. First, you can refine the head’s lower part and draw a mouth with a curved line.

Finally, you can draw the narwhal’s belly, which will be quite fat. Before proceeding in this step, draw the first two fins, which are quite thick and round.

Step 3

For this third step of our guide to drawing a narwhal, you’ll finish the belly you started in the previous step.

The reference image shows you can use an easily curved stripe stretching backward from the fin to complete the belly. It will also end up curling upwards, where it becomes the tail.

Step 4

We noted the tail in the last step, which we will add to the narwhal drawing in this step. First, you can lengthen the back line a bit until it becomes the tip of the tail. You’ve already drawn the underside of the tail in the previous step, and you’ll draw the fin in this step.

As shown in the reference image, you’ll use several curved lines to dip into the center. If you are satisfied with the look, you can proceed to add in the next step.

Step 5

Now that you have the outline of your narwhal’s body, in this step of our how-to draw a narwhal guide, we can start adding some elements to the interior of the whale.

For the eye, you can use a short, simple process with a dot inside. Once this eye is drawn, you can develop a curved stripe from the end of the jaws to the back of the tail.

Step 6

In this next step, we will add more details to the narwhal drawing. You can use irregular lines to create some mottled details around the eyes and on the narwhal’s back and face.

You can even add a few dots elsewhere on the narwhal for extra detail if you’d like!

Step 7

Before we color your picture, we have a few details to add in this step of our guide to drawing a narwhal. First, use small lines all over the horn to give it a ribbed texture. Then you can add more mottled details to the body to finish it off.

Before moving on to the last step, add any extra details! Maybe for an idea, you could draw a background showing the ocean and other sea creatures swimming around. Make sure you get creative with this and see what happens!

Step 8

This is the last part of your narwhal drawing, and that’s why you’re going to finish it with some awesome colors! We’ve used shades of blue and grey to complement our example drawing, but this is just one of many ways you can do it! You can add popping colors for even more variety when designing a background.

Your Narwhal Drawing is Finished!

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