How to find the right product in our gymnastics mat comparison

Have you ever taken a yoga or Pilates class? Usually, most courses offer special training mats that ensure a non-slip floor and stable surface during the execution. nocry knee pads with a gymnastic mat, you have more stability and adhesion to the floor. This is especially important for balance exercises.

Of course, a mat is not absolutely necessary. However, various tests recommend gymnastic mats as a useful and convenient accessory for training on the floor. Find out everything about the various gymnastic mats on the market as well as judgments of various test institutes in the guide and in our comparison table.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our gymnastics mat comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

As an umbrella term, the term gymnastics mat refers to different types of training mats. These are used for floor exercises such as Pilates, yoga, physiotherapy, or functional training.

There are thinner mats and models that are slightly thicker and therefore more comfortable and joint-gentle. Elasticity and dimensional stability are important for all gymnastic mats.

Material and surface should be non-slip and water-repellent. Especially with gymnastics you quickly sweat. A suitable surface protects the mat from the ingress of moisture and can be easily cleaned.

With a large number of training mats, the choice is sometimes not so easy. Should it be a thin yoga mat or rather a little more comfortable? Gymnastic mats are regularly a bit thicker and therefore softer, while yoga mats are particularly important for good stability and grip. In our gymnastics mat purchase advice 2022, we will help you with this difficult decision. In addition, we present you with various gymnastics mat manufacturers and give you some helpful tips for the care and cleaning of gymnastic mats.

Exercise and training should be safe: Why is a gymnastics mat important for floor exercises?

Gymnastics is a type of floor exercise that our ancestors in Greece and Rome discovered for themselves. Mainly artistic exercises were done with the naked body. Today, gymnastics may refer to:

Exercise, gymnastics, exercise or strengthening of the human body through special body movements on the ground

Umbrella term for various training programs such as Pilates, physiotherapy, or dance-gymnastic movements

The various floor exercises, which are carried out in the respective types of gymnastics, depend above all on a good balance and an ideal posture. Often gymnastic mats are used for such gymnastic exercises so that the training is more comfortable and pleasant for the joints. A gymnastics mat or fitness mat gives sufficient support on the floor and provides more support and stability.

In the best case, knee pad for flooring working it is non-slip and water-repellent or waterproof. Especially with yoga or Pilates you quickly sweat. A non-slip gymnastics mat with a water-repellent surface prevents the ingress of sweat or other liquids. In addition, such a mat can then be wiped off more easily with water and cleaned.

A question that is important for many people is: Are gymnastic mats waterproof? We cannot provide a satisfactory answer to this question. Waterproof gymnastic mats are always touted, but they are more water-repellent gymnastic mats.

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