How to Get More Dental Reviews in Three Simple Steps

  1. Find Patients Who Will Leave 5 Star Reviews

One of the most common blunders dental practices make is exhausting their staff by declaring in every morning huddle, “Alright, everyone, we need to ask for lots of 5 star dental patient reviews today!”

It might work for a day or two, but there are better long-term tactics for getting more dentist reviews.

Set your team up for success by reviewing the schedule and determining which patients will be arriving that day. You do not have to solicit feedback from every patient. Concentrate on your satisfied customers and plan to ask them when they come in for their appointment. Once the patients have been identified, ask your staff whether anyone has a special relationship with the patient. If someone does, it is the team member’s responsibility to request the review.

If you received two new patient reviews each day, you’d rapidly become known as the dental clinic with the most reviews in your area. Keep in mind that the dental reputation management procedure must be precise. Identify the patient and the team member who will be asked.

  1. Use a Review Link to Help Patients Provide Quick Reviews

You don’t want to lose a 5 star dental patient reviews because your patient is unsure where to submit it. Many patients have never left a review on Google. If this is their first time, they will require simple instructions.

You can text your patient using the link in your Google Business Profile. The patient follows the link, touches the stars, and leaves a review.

If you are the owner or manager of your Google Business Profile and are logged in, you can access the link. When you’re on a desktop, the image on the left is where you’ll locate your Google review link. When you’re on your mobile device, look to the right for your Google review link.

  1. Provide an incentive for your dental team to receive more reviews.

To go where you want to go, you need a team review goal. Make a goal for yourself. If you’re not sure what your goal should be, here are a few ideas:

  • Make sure you have a minimum of 40 reviews.
  • Make sure you receive enough 5-star ratings so that your average rating is more than 4.5.
  • Get more feedback than any other practice in your area.
  • In 90 days, double your reviews.
  • Receive one review each day.

Create an incentive for your staff, not your patients, once you’ve established a goal.

The majority of your dental patients, particularly those that like you, will be willing to provide an online dental review. But they must be asked. They won’t be able to do it on their own. This means that your staff is critical to your success.

A team lunch, pedicures for everyone, even the guys (believe me, guys like pedicures), $5 Starbucks cards, or a drawing for something unusual may all be used as incentives. When providing an incentive, don’t be cheap. The importance of an excellent online review profile cannot be emphasized. It has proven to be one of the most significant marketing assets for practices with the best review profiles. When asking your dental patients for 5 star dental patient reviews, make it clear that you and your team rely on them to find more great patients like them. Inform them that their input will assist you in determining how to improve the patient experience in your practice. It is acceptable for your team to inform your patients about the aim you have established.

Remember that dental clinics that do not solicit reviews are likely to receive them only after a patient is dissatisfied. (If this occurs, here’s how to deal with a negative review.)

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