How To Get More Leads Thanks To Interactive Video

Creating content that is truly effective in capturing leads has always been one of the main challenges for any marketer.

Interactive Video makes it easy for you.

It all starts with the importance that online video has today. Which, in fact, is the content with the best growth prospects on the network?

  • Currently, 78% of users view audiovisual content online and 55% do so daily.
  • By 2022, video will account for 85% of global Internet traffic.
  • But, how many times has a single video managed to capture leads?
  • A video ─until now─ did not allow users to click through to your website, leave their email or make a purchase without opening new tabs.
  • Online video is essential content in any content marketing strategy, but it is not capable of covering the conversion funnel.
  • These changes with Interactive Video.
  • To understand how Interactive Video helps you get leads by completing the entire conversion funnel, let’s start at the beginning.

What is an Interactive Video?

An Interactive Video is one that turns passive viewers into active users as they perform actions (click) on the video.

It is a video that includes buttons, forms, labels…

Interactive Video forces the user to adopt a more active and receptive attitude towards the content, since they know that they must perform some action to achieve something: buy, obtain information, reach the end and participate in a raffle…

In short, become your lead.

  • Capture more leads with Interactive Video
  • Surely you already know what a lead is. And surely you can distinguish it from a subscriber, MQL, SQL, customer…
  • And you will be tired of trying specific actions to get more of each one.
  • A post won’t get you an SQL, an infographics won’t get you a client, a Vimeo video won’t get you a lead.
  • But as we advanced before, an Interactive Video brings together the entire conversion funnel. That is why we say that Interactive Video is King content.
  • Thus, Interactive Video has become the preferred tool for marketers.

Obviously, this does not happen by chance. It is due to the multiple benefits it brings to both the user and the advertiser, as you will discover later in this post.

What benefits does interactivity bring to my videos and the advertiser?

Now yes. We talk about the benefits that interactivity brings to your content and to the brand.

v Double the engagement

As you have read above, Interactive Video turns a passive viewer into an active user. Therefore, it is a more engaged user with the content you offer and more receptive.

When interactivity has been added to a video, this rate is usually around 70%.

v Greater brand impact

Having a user who is more engaged with your content inevitably translates into a user who will remember the advertiser brand for longer.

Not only because the content is more interesting, but also because the Interactive Video Cinema 8 encourages repetitions: to improve a score in a gamified video or to learn about other stories when several run in parallel, for example.

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