How To Motivate Students to Complete Assignments?


Students are frequently overwhelmed by their academics and lack the desire to finish homework. They get demotivated and apathetic when it comes to starting a project. Because the project is extensive and will never be done on time, they overthink the matter. As a result, they lack the bravery to undertake the task. Nothing in the world will persuade the student to complete the job if the student is unwilling to work hard.

Just offering good lessons, books, or materials to the students would not get them excited about doing better with their work or even learning. Both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation becomes a key factor in leading the students to succeed in all the different stages of their education and even career. The teachers play a great role in motivating and encouraging the students. Be it a new teacher or even an experienced one, sometimes it may get really difficult for them to handle the students and guide them properly. Below are some ways mentioned that may help in this case.

  • Allowing Students to Have Control Over Their Assignments

Even though a teacher should guide the students to keep them motivated and be up and doing the task, allowing the students to actually make a choice of whatever happens in the class has proven to be the best way to keep the students engaged. For example, if the students get to choose their assignment or the kind of work that they are expected to do in class, they feel a sense of control and this, in turn, keeps them hooked to do more.

  • Creating An Environment Where Students Don’t Feel Threatened

Knowing that there could be consequences of certain actions, students are more careful and remain more motivated. Whereas if threatened, the impact may end up being negative. It’s only when the students know that they are being guided but not commanded, they work and behave better.

  • Using Positive Competition

Having a healthy competition in class is always good and only enhances the performance of the class. Conducting games and quizzes against lessons is a great way of not only making studies fun but also helping in the healthy growth of the class. Whereas comparing one student with the other is a negative competition that should be strictly avoided everywhere.

  • Allowing Assignments to Be Done in Groups

Working on assignments all alone can prove to be hectic as well as boring if a long one. However, if the students are allowed to do the same in a group, the results often turn out far better. But the teachers need to keep a check that the work is distributed fairly in the group so that one student does not end up doing more than the others.

  • Praising Someone’s Hard Work Always Brings More Better Work Next Time

Not only students but everyone likes to be praised for their good work. This not just makes them happy but also encourages them to work better.

  • Asking The Students to Maintain an Evaluation Sheet

When a regular evaluation is done by the students themselves, they have a better knowledge about their progress and this motivates them to do more better each day. Evaluation is not only based on academics but also on other co-curricular activities. This makes a better person intellectually as well as extrinsically.

  • Bookish Learning Should be Paired by Practical Experiencing

Sitting in the class and burying the head in a book may lead students to be reluctant to further studies. But when the lesson learned from a book is experienced practically or when experiments are done against the topics learned, learning becomes more fun. This might also make the students eager to learn more.  

  • Knowing The Students Well

For a teacher, the first and most important thing is that they should know about each and every student pretty well. Only then they can help the students wherever they are lacking. Likewise, when a student senses the genuine interest of his teacher, might just motivate him to do better.

  • Taking Care of The Student’s Mental Health

A healthy mind means a healthy being and so mental health comes first. As a teacher, it is important to keep a track of how well the students are mentally not just physically. Counselling the students who they need is a must and a regular check should be kept on every student. Students often suffer from anxiety due to various outer pressures and in such a situation it becomes difficult for them to focus on their studies. Hence, every institution should have a dedicated counsellor.

  • Setting High Goals but At the Same Time Keeping Them Attainable

If the students don’t get a push by the teachers, they would never even think or try about pushing their own limits instead would be just doing the bare minimum. Once challenged, students can do wonders. Never be afraid to push the students while keeping the goals within their reach. It really takes a lot of time and effort to actually get a class full of students to become enthusiastic about learning. If the students don’t develop an interest in their assignments, they may end up taking help from various assignment writing services available on the net, which in turn would lead to negative growth of the students.

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