How to Organize a Dresser? Six Helpful Tips & Tricks

Do you have an extremely overstuffed or messy dresser? Organizing all those drawers may seem challenging, but it is actually a simple endeavour. The key is to begin with a clean canvas. You must also return the items only if they belong in your dresser – i.e., items that you use on a daily basis. Mentioned below are a few tips to have a tidy dresser. Please check them out right now.

Group Everything by Category

Prepare an inventory of the items you plan on keeping. It will be perfect if you dedicate individual drawers to specific clothing types. For instance, one drawer of trousers, one for T-shirts, one for undergarments, etc. Based on how many drawers are there, split the items by categories. Within each category, you can again sort the items by colour.

Do Not Fold Bulkier Items

If you have bulky clothes such as sweatshirts or jeans, move them elsewhere. These items occupy lots of space even when folded inside a drawer. Hang them inside your closet or keep them under your bed if you do not use them regularly. Drawers are best for smaller and thinner items.

Invest in Drawer Dividers

The experts providing drawer dividers South Africa said they prevent smaller items such as socks and camisoles from getting tangled. Instead of wading through a hotchpotch of items, you can detect and access every item whenever you need it. Drawer dividers are found in various sizes and shapes. So, you will surely find the one that works for your dresser and wardrobe.

Do Not Use the Top for Storage

To maintain neatness, make sure not to use the top of the dresser for dumping miscellaneous items. It must be a clutter-free zone. Treat the top more like a décor than storage. You can place stylish perfume bottles and luxurious jewellery in an aesthetic fashion. Get a tray for holding the items. Trays are both functional and decorative.

Differentiate the Drawers

Try to label them if you find it difficult to remember what you have kept in every drawer. You can colour-code the drawers with colourful knobs or paint. Or you can use stickers or stencils to write what is in the drawers. Such labelling method works best for kids’ rooms since it teaches them how to find a cloth and put dresses together.

Rotate Clothes Seasonally

You can easily find things inside a dresser when it is not filled with clothes you would not wear for many months. Store the off-season clothing in the attic or basement. You can also fold them properly and keep them inside the container under the bed or a suitcase. Don’t you have an alternative storage solution? Well then, split the dresser into current and off-season drawers. Reserve the bottommost drawer for off-season clothing and rotate according to weather.

Just like washing dishes, organizing the dresser provides one with a sense of accomplishment. That’s until they realize they must tidy up every week. Adhering to a definite system helps. Place the drawers in whatever order you feel is the most convenient. If something is not working, enhance it. And never forget to get rid of the unnecessary clutter finding way to the dresser.

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