Yahoo search can be a good alternative to Google but not always. A virus can make its way to your system without your knowledge plaguing the same. This is when most users have reported that they are usually redirected to yahoo search every time they click to a link anywhere in their desktop or even on their smartphones, even if it is not set at default then the problem can be alarming. This is when most users seek solutions on “how to get rid of Yahoo Search?”

Although yahoo is as good as Google, it is not exempted from virus or malware attacks or can be plagued by a browser hijacker. A yahoo search redirect is a web browser hijacker that redirects all your searches to yahoo even though you have made all the necessary changes to the settings of your web browser. This puts all your search needs to a halt.


The most generic causes that has to be blamed for this issue is:-

  • Often viruses like yahoo search redirect infiltrate the system through malicious programs in your web browser that you click unknowingly. This will make you regret later when you can to the extent of knowing “how to get rid of yahoo search?”These malicious programs often infiltrated through advertisements promoting something but that is not true.
  • In addition to direct distribution, malicious applications may also spread through the download and installation of other programmes. “Bundling” is a misleading marketing strategy in which legitimate software is bundled with undesired or dangerous extensions.

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However, some most common symptoms will at least let you know if it the yahoo that ios at fault or it is something else!

  • Whenever you are on the browser searching for something, you are always redirecting to a new browser here yahoo.
  • The malicious programs that are somewhere installed in your system have brought along with it some other viruses that prevent you to make any changes in the browser setting.
  • During the browsing sessions, suspicious links get displayed on the screen prompting you to click on the link.


Although most hijackers have found way to browser for hijacking your data, there are easy fixes to get back your yahoo search in place.

  • The first universally applicable process can be the uninstallation of malicious programs if any in your system. Uninstalling the malicious program can keep the issue away.
  • The second fix can be getting hold of any anti-malware software if the first fix is a fail. There are many options available in the market.
  • Last but not the least can be resetting your Web browser’s settings by restoring and cleaning up and making the setting to deafault.But most of the time this fix has too failed unless the malicious program was eliminated completely.

However, yahoo search is not at fault for this. Many people seek solutions on “how to make Yahoo my homepage?” due to its many advantages.

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