How to Replace an Apple AirTag Battery


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Apple AirTages are playfully called the only Apple product where you can replace the battery yourself. And yeah, considering you have to do that every year, it’s good that there are no shenanigans here.

So the first thing is the first.

How long does the Apple AirTag battery last?

According to official data, a new battery should last about a year. Battery performance is now affected by temperature. Because the AirTag is so small, you can be sure the battery will feel cold very, very quickly if the AirTag in particular is consumed outdoors in the winter cold. So the battery may deteriorate faster.

Fortunately, Apple has included a useful battery meter in Find My, so you can check the condition of your AirTag batteries regularly. Presumably we should also get a notification when a battery replacement is needed.

How to replace the AirTag battery?

It’s actually pretty easy. You need to grab the AirTag and push the metal part on the back of it. When you feel it give a little, just turn counterclockwise. The metal plate jumps thanks to the metal strips on the other side, which constantly protrude into the battery.

What type of battery does AirTag use?

It’s a standard old regular “2032” coin-sized battery. You can find these basically everywhere – from grocery stores to gas stations.

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