How To Select The Best Desktop Computer For Graphic Designing?

Do you want to get the best desktop computer price for graphic designing? Choosing a next-level desktop PC is one of the most important decisions if you are a graphic design professional. Hence, when purchasing this component, you must consider specific capabilities.   

To help streamline the buying process, we have created this guide which discusses the essential elements you must pay attention to. 

Capabilities Your Desktop PC Should Have For Graphic Design

Designer depends on multiple software applications for their work. What may be the best computer for one designer, the other may prefer something different. However, there are a few core elements that you must take notice of. Let us discuss some of these. 


The very first consideration for any graphic designer is their PC display. Some considerations are color accuracy, high resolution, I/O connections, and screen size. Look for a larger screen that is good for seeing all the details. A larger screen gives you enough space to use control functions and tools conveniently. 

As a graphic designer, you must avoid using equipment displaying inaccurate colors on the screen. Therefore, a display that accurately delivers colors on print and on-screen. A good desktop PC offers a 1080p resolution with a 24-inch display. For professionals, a 1440p to 4K is perfect.

Central Processor

An ideal mainframe of your PC is a vital component that facilitates a smooth work process as you create a design using multiple software applications, including Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. 

A processor with multiple cores will work best for almost every designer. You can select a professional desktop computer with 4 to 8 cores. These many cores are ideal for multitasking and executing video encoding or 3D rendering. 

However, not all programs require multiple cores but a single core to run and work at their own pace. Additionally, look for clock speed for a faster processor that facilitates large file transfer and uses demanding programs.

Main Memory

Robust programs need RAM or main memory to function successfully. A RAM temporarily stores recent files to enable your CPU to process a large amount of data. A larger RAM ensures the faster performance of various tasks. Your system can also execute all kinds of functions without crashes or delay. 

Graphics Card

The screen displays the graphics rendered by a graphics card or GPU. You can find graphics cards in either an integrated or discrete form. Where the integrated option is available within a PC’s motherboard, the discrete is a separate component that only focuses on processing graphics. 

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A discrete GPU is much more powerful and requires a lot of energy. As a graphic designer who uses powerful applications, you can use a discrete option for superior visuals when gaming or editing videos.


A graphics designer must work with several high-performance, demanding applications that need more power. Therefore, when choosing a desktop PC, you must get a multicore processor, higher resolution with a larger display, more RAM, better GPU, and more.

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