How to Study for the CompTIA PenTest+ Exam?

Cybersecurity is already a hot topic. As more firms strive to defend their online presence, individuals with cybersecurity expertise appear to be well-positioned for success. CompTIA PenTest+ prepares you to meet the needs of a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. 

The question now is how to prepare for the CompTIA PenTest+ appropriately. Read on for some advice that can help you prepare better and increase your chance of earning the CompTIA certification online.

What is the CompTIA PenTest+ exam?

CompTIA PenTest+ is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on certification that verifies the skills required of an intermediate-level penetration tester. It is a vendor-neutral certification that successfully demonstrates your ability to construct, secure, and test complex networks.

CompTIA certification training covers a wide range of topics in penetration testing and provides you with the tools needed to detect and overcome common technological blockages found during pen tests. Read on to discover more about this certification exam and how to study for it.

About the Exam

The exam will test your knowledge in the following areas using a variety of question types:

  • Planning and structuring a penetration test 
  • Understanding legal and compliance requirements
  • Performing vulnerability scanning 
  • Analyzing data
  • Reporting and communicating results

Now that we’ve learned about the exam let’s look at the target audience for this certification.

Who should take the exam?

CompTIA PenTest+ certification is ideal for professionals and businesses involved in penetration testing in the IT industry. This certification verifies knowledge of major scanning, enumeration, and exploitation tools, as well as key frameworks and processes for delivering these services.

System and network administrators can take the CompTIA PenTest+ exam to demonstrate their knowledge of common penetration testing techniques. In addition, this certification exam can be taken by anyone interested in a career in information security, IT management, or operations. 

Preparation Method

Assuming you understand what the CompTIA PenTest+ is all about. Let’s get to the preparation procedures now!

Being well-prepared is still your best bet for passing the exam and earning the CompTIA PenTest+ certification. So, how do you go about doing that?

While everyone’s preferences on how to study for a test are different, there is a simple technique that can help you get started and stay organized during your exam prep.

Step 1: Acknowledge what is expected of you

Take the time to learn about CompTIA PenTest+. The more information you have about the questions you’ll be asked, the better you’ll be able to assess what you already know and what you still need to learn.

For a general grasp of the exam:

  • Visit the CompTIA PenTest+ official page for the latest updates and information.
  • Understand the exam objectives.
  • Download the practice tests.

Step 2: Identify the Gap between What You Know and What Is Expected of You

CompTIA PenTest+ is a technical, hands-on exam. Thus, the candidates are from different walks of life and have varying IT and cybersecurity experience. Although this certification has no prerequisites, it is suggested that you have three to four years of experience in hands-on information security or similar work before taking the test. 

Regardless of your level of experience, it’s a good idea to list exam topics you’re unfamiliar with. Being honest with yourself can help you focus on what you need to study and, as a result, improve the efficiency of your studies.

Step 3: Figure out How to Bridge Your Knowledge Gap

CompTIA certification training provides a comprehensive set of learning materials to help you succeed. CompTIA’s product portfolio includes books, eLearning, labs, and test prep software, all of which are developed in-house.

  • Self-Study CompTIA certification course

The self-study guide will teach you the fundamentals of penetration testing, as well as how to find, exploit, disclose, and manage network vulnerabilities. In addition, it will prepare you for the CompTIA PenTest+ exam by covering all of the goals and topic samples on the curriculum in detail. 

  • Classroom Learning CompTIA certification training

If self-study isn’t your thing, consider classroom training as a better option. The classroom training is determined by your preferences, and prices vary accordingly.

How Long Does it Take to get CompTIA PenTest+ Certification?

This query has no direct answer because it depends on how much you already know and how much you still need to learn. Some classroom training, for example, covers all of the CompTIA PenTest+ subjects in a week, while others last several months. Depending on how much knowledge and security experience you already have, you may be able to gain the essential expertise in a few days, weeks, or months if you prefer to learn on your own.


CompTIA PenTest+ certification is a well-known CompTIA certification that can kick-start your cybersecurity career. So prepare well and give the exam. All the best!

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