How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31s- 3 Ways + Long screenshot


Galaxy M31s is the successor to the popular Galaxy M31. Though it has incremental upgrades, the user interface and software experience is almost identical. In this post, we will explore on how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31s using three different ways.

Long screenshot or Scroll screenshot is a handy feature to grab a screen where you want multiple pages in one screenshot. Luckily, Galaxy M31s supports long screenshot. You can use it to capture long multi page web page, settings page etc.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31s

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Using the hardware keys to take a screenshot

  • First go to the page you want to capture screenshot.
  • Now press and release Power and Volume down keys together.
  • Screen will flicker and preview will be shown.
  • You will also get screenshot tool bar using which you can directly share the screenshot or edit the screenshot.

Using the palm swipe gesture to capture a screenshot

  • Navigate to the page you want to grab a screenshot.
  • Swipe your palm on screen from one side to another wherein your palm slightly touches the screen.
  • Screenshot will be captured.

Assistive Touch Menu method to take screenshot

For using this method, you need to enable Assistive Touch menu.

  • Go to Settings->Accessibility->interaction and dexterity. Enable Assistant Menu.
  • A small floating icon will appear on the screen. This is called Assistant Menu

To take a screenshot, navigate to the page you want to take screenshot on Galaxy M31s. Now tap on Assistant menu and then screenshot. It will save the screenshot.

Long screenshot or Scroll screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31s

If you want to take scroll screenshot or long screenshot, take screenshot using any of the methods mentioned before. You will get a screenshot tool bar. Now, tap on this down arrow icon. It will take scroll screenshot. If you are not getting this menu, then Go to Settings->Advanced Features. Here select Screenshots and Screen recorder. Enable Screenshot toolbar.

How to access taken screenshot

To view the taken screenshots, Go to Gallery. Here Albums then Screenshot folder. You will find all the taken screenshots.

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