How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21


Samsung Galaxy S21 provides several different methods to take screenshot. Some of them are common to all android phones and some methods are unique to Samsung S or note series. Here is the quick look at popular methods of taking a Samsung Galaxy S21 screenshot.

Different methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

Method 1: Button combination

This is the most common way to take a screenshot and it works on all latest Android phones. Just press and release volume down and Side key buttons simultaneously. The screenshot will be saved. Please note, no need to hold the buttons—just press and release. Holding the two buttons will display power off or restart menu. The screen will flash and screenshot will be saved to Gallery.

Method 2: Using the palm swipe

Taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S21 with a palm swipe may feel a bit difficult when you first try it out but it is easy once you get use to it. Just swipe the side of your palm across the whole screen from right to left or vice versa to take the screenshot. By default, this feature is activated. Incase if it is not working, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures > and toggle the Palm swipe to capture.

Method 3: Screenshot button

This may be the the easiest method. For using the using method,

  • Go to Edge panel, by Swiping left to right. You can identify the edge panel by a small white line.
  • Tap on the Setting.
  • Add the “Tasks” to the Edge Panel by selecting it. 

Whenever you want to take Galaxy S21 screenshot, go to Edge panel and then Task page. Choose take screenshot button. It will save the screenshot.

How to take Scroll screenshot on Galaxy S21

To take scroll screenshot, go to the page you want and take a screenshot using any of the methods mentioned here. You will get a screenshot toolbar. Tap the scroll capture button( first option that shows up at the bottom of the screen which looks like a down arrow). Repeat the tapping the scroll capture till you want or you reach end of the page. It will save the screenshot.

Where to find taken screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21

S21 Screenshots are by default saved in Gallery->Albums->Screenshot folder. You can edit, delete or share the screenshots like any regular photo.

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