How to Troubleshoot Facebook Not Working Issue on Android?

Facebook has become one of the essential elements within the scope of communications. It is used to connect with friends and family, obtain information about world events, and promote our business online. So, seeing common issues like Facebook not working or Facebook feed not loading is often annoying and frustrating. So, try a number of the following methods to repair the problem.

Steps to Solve Facebook Not Working on Android


There are a few solutions you can try to unfreeze your Facebook app on Android devices and make it work.

  1. Verify if your Facebook App is Updated

The platform launches updates quite often, so any older version may suddenly fall. To update your Facebook app, head to the app store or Google play store. Download and install the new update available.

  1. Check your Android Storage

Sometimes, insufficient memory on your Android device can cause problems together with your Facebook app. If you’ve got but 100MB available, clear some space by deleting unnecessary apps or images and videos to permit the Facebook app to update.

  1. Clear cache of your Android

Move to the Facebook app in ‘Settings app’, then clear the app’s cache. Your Facebook can keep stopping as a result of your app’s cache accumulating for an extended period. Therefore, remove the Facebook cache regularly.

  1. Restart your Android. 

Log out of the Facebook app and reboot your Android. Then log into Facebook again. Sometimes, this can solve your app problem.

  1. Check Android Update

Check your Android and upgrade it if there’s a new update available.

There’s always the possibility that the problem is within the Facebook platform, so don’t hesitate to contact Facebook Help Community. But sometimes, all you’d have to do is restart your phone or get a stronger network connection, but other times the solution will require more time and effort, so you follow these solutions and check if it resolves the issue.

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