How to use Twitter auto subtitles for audio tweets

Currently, the feature is only available on iOS, while the platform plans to extend the service to other users.

Twitter has introduced a new feature that adds subtitles to audio tweets. This means that users can now add subtitles to their audio tweets. Voice Tweets is a creative way to express users on a microblogging platform that would limit people to just 280 characters.

This feature helps Twitter users share more emotions with their tweets compared to plain text only. It also helps visually impaired users, or others who want to talk instead of typing, express themselves in a non-invasive way.

How to use Twitter voice tweet?

To start subtitles, click the CC icon in the right corner of the audio tweet window. In addition, only new voice tweets can benefit from this feature. Users can also attach audio tweets to plain text, either to add context or for the visually impaired, so they can clearly listen to your tweet.

How to listen to any voice message?

Users have easy access to Voice Tweets and appear as audio clips. The audio tweet also shows the divider in the background, making it clear to open or click. When you tap the play button, the tweet plays.

Currently, the feature is only available on iOS, while the platform plans to extend the service to other users.

How to use Twitters AutoText for voice tweets

Photo: Twitter

Twitter announced it introduced a new feature last year, but is now releasing it to everyone. After launch, the feature was criticized for not having subtitles. However, the social media platform has now included subtitles in audio tweets.

So, when users make a voice message now, subtitles are automatically created in supported languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean and Italian.

“As part of our ongoing work to make Twitter accessible to everyone, we are releasing automatic subtitles for Voice Tweets for iOS,” Gurpreet Kaur, Twitter’s global accessibility manager, said in a statement.

Kaur further mentioned that this new feature is not perfect at first because it is a new idea for the company to expand and strengthen its reachability worldwide. He added that they eagerly look forward to creating a truly genuine service for people.

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