How To Utilize Wikipedia as The Best Marketing Tool?

In the world of the internet, Wikipedia doesn’t need any detailed introduction. We already know that it is a free encyclopedia platform. Where anyone can share their insights, edit the existing ones, and even can solely be used for fact-finding and research purposes.

After social media, Wikipedia is also considered to be one of the best marketing tools available online. If used appropriately, Wikipedia can transform the success of your brand and could prove itself as a masterstroke. However, if you are lacking in strategies and techniques that can empower your organization’s goals, you can’t produce quality content. Hence you cannot grab the attention of the audience or drive maximum traffic on your brand’s page.

If getting into Wikipedia is highly appealing, but at the same time it could waste all your efforts which you might put to create a Wikipedia page and increase its traffic. Here is why, because Wikipedia has such terms and conditions and policies that will be implemented if you violate their rules. It will end up with the speedy deletion of your page sometimes without letting you know.

Tips To Utilize Wikipedia as A Marketing Tool

In case you want your organization to be listed in Wikipedia then you should utilize Wikipedia as a marketing tool. Few organizations that succeed in the listing process have recommended some tips that one must go through prior to using Wikipedia as a marketing tool.

1-Marketing Starts with The PR Campaigns

It has been observed that the more your company’s name is on business magazines and press releases, the more it will get online traffic and increase in search. Similarly, the more your company’s name is on Wikipedia’s page the more likely it seems recognizable and legit. Also, you have to ensure that your company’s official website is up to date and fully occupied with the latest information about your product and service. The company’s page or website should represent its core manifesto.

2-Search Your Business Name on Wikipedia

It might sound weird to you, but that is the fact that the company and its employees rarely check to see if their name is already on Wikipedia. But if your company is already popular among folks then you have to search and you will see that your business’s name is already mentioned on Wikipedia’s numerous different articles. If you find that so it is suggested by the experts that you should add and update the latest information on the already published article rather than starting a fully new one.

3-Try to Learn from Wikipedia Itself

Utilize Wikipedia to gain knowledge about itself also wizard tells users about how to create articles and makes them aware of the rules and policies which must be followed while creating articles for Wikipedia. Wiki page maker still has a lot of queries so you can write an email to [email protected]. Ask Clear and concise questions and keep in mind that the responder will be a volunteer. Furthermore, you can also raise your queries on the discussion page which goes with the article you are trying to build. Because of this, you might experience that someone is taking care of your work in place of you and making corrections to make your article ranked.

4-Wikipedia Volunteer

If you hire any volunteer to write a Wikipedia article for you so it is little chance that this strategy will work for you because numerous Wikipedia volunteers produce content on entirely different topics and that would be unfair for you if your sole goal is to promote your product or service through Wikipedia. It is suggested that you should invest some quality time and add info to those topics where you think you are an expert.

5-Utilize In-house Expertise

Prior to outsourcing or hiring any Wikipedia volunteer, it is suggested that you should look around your company. If there is anyone who is already working as a Wikipedia volunteer. In case you find any In-house volunteers. It would be a great asset for your company and help you to pick the best strategies and techniques by using those you can do your marketing through Wikipedia easily.

 6-Utilize the discussion page effectively

In Wikipedia, each article comes with a discussion page. On the discussion page a lot of individuals post their queries regarding their articles or pages, people volunteer to answer as per their experience. The discussion page can help you a lot while jotting down ideas and brainstorming for your article. It is also suggested that when your article gets published on Wikipedia, wait for a while, because Wikipedia volunteers will find that out and edit it. You can react right away to address any concerns.

7-Maintain Balance

If you write 600 to 1200 words per article all at once, it will be instantly get removed. A better strategy would be if you write less content but should be of quality and referenced with attractive relatable images. This would help you to maintain balance in your Wikipedia article. Ultimately help you in the marketing process through it.

Wikipedia Writing

Writing for Wikipedia is quite challenging you can’t just write anything that pops up on your mind. You have to produce quality content according to the subject you choose. The main reason for its difficulty; is because Wikipedia’s speedy deletion policy is quite strict in nature. It is suggested that the quality of the content you produce must be engaging, unique, attention-grabbing. No need to right ambiguous words which can create difficulty for your targeted readers. The best content is always simple and concise.

Conclusion: Focused Goal Can Bring Broader Business

Now you have might realize the value of marketing through Wikipedia. If used efficiently, it can bring wonders to your brand as a marketing tool. If you select the right tool for marketing it will bring remarkable success to your business. It not only results in the efficiency of work but also generates greater business revenue. The dire need is to realize how the tasks and enterprises you contribute to all increase your company’s tally.

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