How to watch NASA bring home a piece of an asteroid on Monday



NASA’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx recently visited the asteroid and collected a sample, which makes it the first NASA ship. This week, OSIRIS-REx will begin its journey home to Earth, and NASA will stream the event by informing about the mission and what we can hope to learn by bringing a sample of the asteroid here to explore.

What happens on Monday

OSIRIS-REx is currently in orbit around the asteroid Bennu, where it has been since 2018. Now the spacecraft has to kick to change the speed of its propeller – a total of 595 miles per hour – to be on the right track head back to earth.

However, this is complicated by the fact that the ship will not arrive on Earth until 2023, so it cannot head to where the earth is now – it must head to where the earth is. “There is no direct way back to the ground. As a quarterback throwing a long passport receiver into the future, OSIRIS-REx travels the globe, “NASA write. “The spacecraft orbits the sun twice and travels more than 2.3 billion miles (2.3 billion kilometers) to reach Earth.”

In this image, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft leaves Bennu’s asteroid to begin its two-year voyage back to Earth.
In this image, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft leaves Bennu’s asteroid to begin its two-year voyage back to Earth. NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona

This long journey begins with this movement scheduled for Monday, May 10th.

“At about 4:16 p.m., EDT, the OSIRIS-REx control room located in Lockheed Martin, Littleton, Colorado, receives confirmation that the spacecraft fired its main propeller to protrude from the asteroid Bennu’s orbit, about 16 minutes after it happened,” NASA writes. “After firing a seven-minute propeller, OSIRIS-REx will officially begin its long journey home with more than 2.1 ounces (60 grams) of asteroid material.”

How to watch the event live

NASA will stream the event live and show the operation’s controllers when they receive a signal from OSIRIS-REx that it has completed its movement, as well as presenting new information about the mission, including images the spacecraft took while passing over the asteroid Bennu last time. The engineers and scientists involved in the project will also appear live, explaining the importance of the task and how the team overcame the challenges posed by a visit to such a distant site.

You can watch the event either by using the embedded video at the top of this page or by visiting NASA website. Live streaming will begin on Monday, May 10 at 4:00 PM ET (1:00 PM PT).

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