Huge Android 12 design leaks with themed power, new animations and more


Google is rumored to be revamping the Wear OS this year, and the update is said to be so significant that even Samsung is on board with the plans. Now massive Android 12 the leak shows tremendous software design on smartphones as well.

Android 12 supports themes and includes new animations

YouTuber Jon Prosser, which released Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro render earlier this week, has shared photos and videos of Google’s Android 12 software before its official debut Google I / O next week. The new software introduces a completely revamped interface that includes support for the original theme. Things like the keyboard, application icons, and system application interfaces change their appearance based on the theme chosen. The same can be said for the redesigned Quick Settings menu and updated volume controls.

It combines a set of new widgets that also support theming and updated animations throughout the interface. The latter makes things look much smoother and gives the impression of a more sophisticated design.

Google also allows for other important UI customization options, such as the ability to group notifications manually (and quickly) or the ability to re-adjust the size of a calculator disk within a calculator program.

Visually, this can be considered the biggest update to the Android operating system since Google released Android 5.0 in Lollipop’s Material Design language back in 2014.

What else is coming to Android 12?

As revealed in another recent leak, Google Assistant also supports the new theme feature. Additional assistant launchers, such as double-tap backward, are also set to be part of Android 12.

Tablets also won’t be left out of Android 12 updates. While the device category is largely dominated by Samsung and Apple, Android 12 is expected to offer better native tablet multitasking.

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