Hulu customers will finally get the promised ViacomCBS channels


Hulu was announced in January that it will add new ViacomCBS channels to its live TV service and we thought it would happen in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, Hulu and Live TV customers had to wait a few weeks instead of a few weeks to get their promise.

Starting this weekend, nine new channels will be available on Hulu Live TV, Gizmodo reports. ViacomCBS channels added to the list include BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Paramount Network, TV Land and VH1.

All of the above channels are available at no extra charge, so if you already pay for Hulu on Live TV, you get these nine ViacomCBS channels for free. However, these are not the only new channels Hulu has added to its portfolio.

Five other channels will be added to the Hulun Entertainment add-on, which is available for $ 8 a month. Those who pay for this add-on will receive the following channels for free: BET Her, MTV2, NickToons, TeenNick and MTV Classic.

So if you only pay With Hulu Live TV you get nine new channels for free. If you also want five more, you will have to pay another $ 8 a month.


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