Hulu’s live TV service will get the NFL Network and RedZone through through 2021


Hulu will add two big channels to its live TV service to cover football. The NFL network will be included in Hulu’s live TV package starting today at no extra cost, while the NFL RedZone will now be offered as part of a new sports expansion. The add-on includes half a dozen channels, but subscribers have to work hard to get in.

The NFL network joins more than 75 live TV channels that are already available as part of Hulu’s live TV package, which starts at $ 65 a month. The channel includes studio broadcasts, original series, live NFL season games, and NFL pre-season games.

Hulu’s new sports expansion package can expand channels on the NFL RedZone in addition to the MAVTV Motorsports Network, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, TVG and TVG2. Additional sports programs cost an extra $ 10 a month in addition to what you already pay for Hulu’s live TV service.

Due to the context, YouTube TV has a similar Sports Package that costs $ 11 per month. Both Sling TV and FuboTV charge an additional $ 11 per month for access to RedZone, although there are differences in the channels included in the additional sports packages.

One of the national football league’s top priorities is “expanding NFL content distribution platforms,” ​​said Hans Schroeder, NFL Media CEO and CEO in a statement, “and that’s why we are very pleased to bring our awards – winning shows and live games to Hulu’s live subscribers.”

Adding the NFL RedZone to Hulu was originally announced in April. In the past, Hulu subscribers who wanted more sports channels could subscribe to ESPN Plus and access its content directly through the Hulu app. But Hulu lacked an official sports extension; its add-ons before the upgrade were limited entertainment, Spanish-language content, various premium channels like Starz or HBO, and features like unlimited screens and an enhanced DVR.

Hulu also offers sports broadcasts on channels such as ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox, Fox’s FS1 and FS2 channels, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, Olympic Channel and more.

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