If you love TV theme themes, you don’t want to use Hulu’s new feature for Android


The late 1970s and early 1980s were the best times for those who love the moods of television shows. Those were the days when the opening theme of a hit show could take minutes, end up on Billboard charts, and even turn up at your local Top 40 radio station. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the short-term sitcom Angie starring Saturday Night Fever’s Donna Pescow and the plane’s Robert Hayes.

The show was a great rating in the first year thanks to its strong leadership position (Mork & Mindy), but as most networks do, ABC changed the timing of the show. That and some changes to the show itself led to the ratings crashing and the show being canceled after two years. However, whether you loved or hated the show, you have to accept that the opening theme song “Different worlds, “was as good as these things get. Written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox and sung by Maureen McGovern (who also sang”The next morning“for the 1972 film”The Poseidon Adventure“),” Different Worlds “eventually hit number one on the Modern List of Adults. Yes, some enjoyed viewers have to listen to the theme of the series before watching each episode. After all, how can you watch”Friends“without the power of Rembrandt”I will be there for you“ringing in your ears?”

But what if watching the exhibition theme is painful for a long time or boring and takes the joy of watching the performance? The video streaming app Hulu also understands this and has added a “Skip intro” button to its Android app. Already on its website and on some smart TV platforms, Hulu now offers the same convenience to its subscribers with an Android device.

We can’t give Hulu full credit for providing a “Skip Intro” button in the Android Streaming Video app because both Netflix and HBO Max Android apps include such a button. Nor would we be surprised that other streaming video apps will add a similar button soon.

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