Immunocompromised people can get a third COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA says


The Food and Drug Administration gives people with a weakened immune system a third dose Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Office changed emergency licenses for each vaccine so that this particular group of people can receive an additional dose.

Generally, two standard doses are sufficient for a person to produce high levels of antibodies to fight the coronavirus. But research done in recent months shows that many immunocompromised people produce too little or no antibodies. The third dose may give some of these patients the extra power they need to produce antibodies. The French authorities have recommended that these patients receive a third shot from April.

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s Advisory Committee on Vaccination Practices is expected to vote on Friday on whether the agency should recommend a third shot to this group. The committee discussed the possibility of enhancers June and July meetings, and during these discussions, many members seemed to support the change.

The change eliminates booster doses only in people who have received solid transplants or who have diseases that weaken the immune system to a similar extent. The Agency did not provide further information on what conditions may be met. The change does not open up third shots to otherwise healthy adults, and it is still unclear whether and when they are necessary.

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