Implant Hybrid Dentures: Restoring Comfort and Function

Implant retained hybrid dentures are a permanent restorative solution for patients who have lost all of their teeth. When properly designed and fitted, they look like natural teeth and function just as well.

Various studies documented that fixed prosthesis deliver better masticatory function and psychological satisfaction than conventional complete dentures [1]. However, these results are not easily reproducible in all cases.


Full mouth dental implants are a permanent denture restoration that look, feel and function like natural teeth. They prevent bone loss, preserve facial structure and support a healthy bite, restoring over 98% of lost functional capacity.

This procedure is a life changing option for patients with poor, failing or broken teeth. It allows them to smile with confidence and enjoy a variety of food options, while providing stability that is not available with conventional removable dentures.

The hybrid denture rests on four or more implants in the jawbone, preventing them from rubbing against gum tissue as traditional removable dentures can. They can also be removed at regular maintenance appointments for cleaning. We utilize zirconia denture teeth that are stronger, more hygienic and better-looking than acrylic options offered at many other practices.


Many patients find traditional dentures to be uncomfortable because they rest on the gums and can shift or slip while speaking, eating or engaging in high-impact activities. Because hybrid dentures are screwed into dental implants, they will remain securely in place. This eliminates discomfort, slipping and irritation from gum tissue.

Hybrid dentures are also not designed to cover the roof of the mouth, which allows you to better taste your food and enjoy a greater selection of foods. Messy creams and adhesives are eliminated, as well.

We understand that you may be edentulous, or missing all of your natural teeth, because of trauma, gum disease, tooth decay or other reasons. Our team is experienced in restoring the comfort and health of your smile with the help of a Chicago fixed hybrid denture, a revolutionary surgical appliance that combines the best features of a removable denture and an implant supported prosthetic.


A non-removable hybrid denture firmly attaches to dental implants, eliminating slippage and movement. They are a great choice for patients who want to speak, smile and eat with confidence. In addition, they restore normal chewing strength and allow patients to eat foods that may have been difficult to eat before.

Unlike traditional removable dentures, which rest on your gums and can become loose over time, a fixed hybrid prosthesis consists of a custom support bar that connects to two or more implants. This makes them much more stable than ball attachment dentures and provides a more natural chewing function, but they may need to be removed for cleaning. It is important to schedule periodic appointments for routine care and maintenance of your hybrid denture.


Unlike removable dentures, hybrid dentures stay in place and do not slip out of the mouth. They also do not require messy creams and adhesives, providing a more natural feel. Moreover, they leave the roof of your mouth unobscured, giving you the ability to taste food better.

With proper oral hygiene, your hybrid dentures will last for decades and remain comfortable. Daily brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste removes plaque buildup and maintains healthy gums. Regular dental visits and cleanings are also important.

If you need a full arch replacement of teeth, the Straumann All-on-4 dental implant procedure offers an innovative solution that restores your upper or lower jaw with just four implants. Contact our office to learn more about this life-changing implant method.


Like natural teeth, hybrid dentures should be brushed with non-abrasive toothpaste twice a day. This helps to prevent plaque buildup and maintain healthy gum tissue. Additionally, it’s essential to keep your tongue and palate clean to avoid infection and bacterial buildup around the dental implants.

Unlike snap-in dentures, the hybrid feels more natural in the mouth and is less likely to slip or shift. Additionally, it leaves the roof of the mouth uncovered and allows patients to enjoy a wider range of foods.

Our team will schedule regular visits to remove and professionally clean the hybrid prosthesis as well as to perform routine maintenance of the dental implants. This ensures that they are in optimal condition and reduces the risk of bacterial buildup, which can cause implant failure.

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