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When was the last time you used emojis? Right now? Or maybe a couple of minutes ago? Because it can’t be longer! This is how we have hinged on these emoticons in our daily digital conversation. Since 2014, the world has celebrated World Mother’s Day on July 17th.

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17th.  Image: Microsoft

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17th. Image: Microsoft

Although it’s hard to go back to when we first started using them, but if I think about it, my first memory of the emoticon sends “;-)” as text messages to my friends. The first “funny emoji” that really stayed with me was an emoji called “Clippy” animated with Microsoft paper clips, which at the time was more than a wizard that appeared when I did my school assignments in Microsoft Word asking “how can I help you?”. The good news is that Microsoft has recently announced that it will bring Clippy animated emojis back! Ah, nostalgia!

Remember Microsoft Clippy?

Remember Microsoft Clippy?

This segment has evolved dramatically in recent years from AR stickers, from Giphys to memoji avatars. Here’s an overview of what different platforms and technology companies are doing on this Emoji Day:

Facebook: Hear your mothers now!

Soundmoji. Yeah. You read it right. Facebook has introduced a new Soundmoji library where users can find sound effects and “famous sound bites” with a 2D emoticon. These include crickets, applause, drum bad laughter and more.



You can even share famous sound clips from artists like Rebecca Black, as well as TV shows and movies like Universal Pictures F9, NBC and Universal Television Brooklyn Nine-Nineand Netflix and Shondaland Bridgerton. “Ah, drama in everything.”


Users also have the option to preview soundmojs before uploading them to the Messenger platform.

Microsoft: Bringing Clippy and the new 3D mothers back

In addition brings your 3D emoji Clippy back, the company has also announced that it will replace 3D emoticons with 2D emoticons. In the coming months, the company will also release five new 3D emojis to its users. According to the company, “it was critical to maintain the purpose of the emotion while designing them. Finally, because we want people to trust that they are dealing with uplifting and inspiring designs, we bowed to bright, saturated colors and bold shapes!”

Microsoft has also stressed that users need new emoticons for jobs that are not very frivolous and still playful to use. Below are a few examples of draft concepts for these new emoticons.

Concept design for emoticons suitable for the workplace.  Image: Microsoft

Concept design for emoticons suitable for the workplace. Image: Microsoft

People can also use animated emoticons in Skype and Microsoft Teams. These animated emoticons include smiling faces with hearts, bisexual pride, genderfluid pride and non-binary pride flags, Partying Face emoticons and more.

New animated emojis for Skype

New animated emojis for Skype

Snapchat: Because the pandemic is not over yet

Since we can never thank our COVID warriors enough for what they have done to us over the past year, and the pandemic is still haunting our heads, Snapchat decided to release themed bitmojis from it.

Snapchat Bitmoji

Snapchat Bitmoji

On the occasion of World Mother’s Day Snapchat has introduced a new bitmoji sticker that says “You are necessary” to appreciate front-line employees. To increase awareness of vaccinations, there are two new bitmoji stickers: “Get Your Shot” and “Got My Shot.”

Unicode Consortium: New Heart Hands, A Person with Crown Embraces? Yes yes yes

Just like every year, the Unicode Consortium has published a draft of the mothers to be considered in the upcoming Unicode 14.0 version. These emoticons include a digestible emoticon, a disco ball, beans and a pointing finger, as well as handshakes in different skin tones, heart hands (remember Taylor Swift’s signature gesture?), Pregnant, and more. The final emoticons will be announced on September 14 this year and will be available to users in late 2021 and 2022.

Draft Unicode 14.0

Draft Unicode 14.0

Emojis a new language of love? Dating apps say so!

Not only online chats, but the entire digital world has witnessed an increase in the use of mothers in various forms. Take dating sites, for example. Users actively use mothers in bio to express themselves.


As a Bumble According to the report, the use of the app’s mothers increased this year by 89 percent compared to last year, especially in profile bios. Bion’s most used emoji is the classic red heart. The five most used emojis are the red heart, the eye-catching emoji, the smiling emoji with tears, the emoji with cool sunglasses, and the emoji with a blushing smile.

While many like to use classic emoticons, Tinder, dating application, revealed that GenZ loves the Internet language of emoticons and uses it more creatively in bio. The most commonly used bio content by emojis are “Well, here I am ♀️ ♂️”, “Can I send you”, “Titanic. It’s mine An. Sorry, sorry?”, “If you were, you would be flawless.”, “Do you know how much this weighs? “Enough to break the ice!” And more!

Bumble says that mothers have also become a new language of love for many and bumble users in India. For flirting, texting and texting, they love to use emoticons like devil emoji, flame / fire emoji, donut emoji, eggplant emoji and more!


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