In the next-generation update of Witcher 3, DLC is inspired by the Netflix show


Witcher 3: Wild hunting the free update, which optimizes the game for next-generation consoles and is expected to come later this year, includes a DLC “inspired” by the Netflix show, developer CD Projekt Red and Netflix announced at WitcherCon on Friday.

Very little was revealed about what the DLC looks like, but we got a little embarrassed about what you might expect: “So you might be able to use Geralt’s armor inspired by the Netflix series,” Philipp Weber, senior mission designer at CD Projekt Red, said on Friday during the WitcherCon stream. More information is coming soon.

Studio first announced that the next generation update for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC was currently underway in September 2020, promising that it will bring “a variety of visual and technical improvements” such as beam tracking and faster download times. The update applies to “the base game, both plug-ins, and all the extra content,” CD Projekt Red said at the time.

At WitcherCon, Netflix also announced the second season of the show debuted on December 17th and that the animated front end, The wolf’s nightmare, will hit the streaming service on August 23rd.

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