Increase your roofing sales Implement A Working Social Build Your Roofing Marketing Strategies

Social marketing is the methodical use of techniques to solicit new connections and contacts that will produce favorable sales of your products and services. Since the internet connects all people in all communities and in every possible subset of potential interest – it’s an ideal and comprehensive marketing tool. Seriously, the internet is a gleaming, sparkling thunder bolt horse, stomping its’ hoofs – ready to charge forth on your behalf.

What is the first step? Your first goal is directing the thunder bolt horse to fulfill your goals, which is accomplished by creating your Build Your Roofing Marketing Strategies plan.

Marketing Plan Components

This written plan must layout the benefits and characteristics of your products and services. Once you have those you can drill down to arrive at your key words and key phrases. With this in hand you can move forward with certainty about why people will be interested in your web site. After all, you have to be clear about what sets you apart from your competition – what makes your offering special.

The next step is designing your page content so that it uses specific key words and key phrases, while also making sure that those are use in your meta tags. Meta tags are shown in the HTML code, they are not displayed on the web pages your visitors view on your site. This content alignment: matching visible content with the meta tags in HTML code – is a simple method to search engine optimize (SEO) your web pages. SEO is essential if you want your web site to be noticed in a beneficial manner.

Optimize Your BackLinks or back links

Backlinks are an important strategy in SEO. You want to have reciprocal links with other sties that match these two criteria: relevancy and community.

A relevant link is one that matches the content of the web page or web site. For example, if you have a site offering clothing, then links to restaurants or auto repair are not relevant. A relevant link would be another a site offering different clothing or fashion accessories. An article about clothing design or fashion linked to your site is a good example of relevancy. A link from a online community about personal styles, clothing or fashion is another good example of a relevant link.

A community link might be that auto repair shop or restaurant, but you better make sure it’s within 10-15 miles of you street address. Yes, search engines can figure this out using addresses on a web page or an IP addresses. Linking to a chamber of commerce or local organizations, non-profits are good example of community links.

Links on your web site that are not relevant or community based damage your reputation in the search engines.

PageRank is your web site reputation

Google has developed the gold standard to measure web site reputations. It is called PageRank. This standard is a complex algorithm that you really don’t need to know, in fact they keep it secret. Just do the basics, which are discussed in this article, and you will see your web site begin to soar in search engines results. I know this from my experience of working with web sites for over 15 years.

An example, two people are selling apple pies and both use “best apple pie” for a key phrase. Someone googles “best apple pie” so which of those two sites will appear first in the search results? The site with the highest pagerank will be displayed first. You must boost your pagerank to set yourself up to be found and displayed prominently.

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