Indonesia Agriculture Equipment Market: Why is It Important?

As an agrarian nation, the agriculture sector contributes so much to Indonesian economy. Focusing on this sector becomes one of the main agendas for the government. That includes boosting Indonesia agriculture equipment market.

Agriculture Equipment

According to a leading research firm, GMI Research, Indonesia agriculture equipment market size is going to see significant increase in the upcoming years due to the growing implementation of advanced farming technologies by the farmers. Furthermore, the growing population in the country is further driving the demand for domestic food consumption.

Why is It Important?

There are several reasons why Indonesia agriculture equipment market is increasingly important.

  1. Increase productivity

As the farm equipment has substituted the manual work, farmers can reduce time and energy. It can increase crop productivity and improve farm output, especially for commercialization. The use of machinery has empowered commercial farmers in producing greater volumes of food to maximize profits.

  1. Maximize profit

As productivity increases, so does the profit. The automation in the agriculture sector offers greater financial return for farms, regardless of their scale, while cutting down on labor expenses. Machinery contributes to higher crop yields, resulting in increased profitability for farms.

  1. Address labor shortage

As many people, especially the younger generations, in rural areas are moving out to the cities, there are less workers to work on the farm. This rapid urbanization has left the farms with labor shortage issues. However, with farm machinery, workers should not work as rigorously as they used to because the machinery has taken over. Therefore, labor shortage should not be an issue anymore.

  1. Optimizes current techniques

This new technology can improve current methods, such as enhancing land reclamation, mitigating soil erosion, and streamlining irrigation systems to enhance efficiency. The cultivators installed on tractors assist in leveling the soil, removing debris from ditches, and weeding out unwanted plants. All of these can contribute to the expansion of land usage while preventing soil erosion.

  1. Creates additional space for crop production

As the machinery helps with the farming process, farmers can improve land management efficiency. Mechanization can prepare land for farming, expanding the range of crops that can be cultivated.

The Equipment Types

There are a wide range of machinery types based on its functions.

  1. Soil cultivation

The equipment for soil cultivation includes a cultivator which can combine and grind soil prior to planting. A cultivator is a tool that can crush soil clumps, eliminate air pockets, and embed small rocks into the soil. There is also a plough to revitalize the soil surface with fresh nutrients, and a strip-till.

  1. Planting equipment

This equipment can help in the planting process. That includes seed drills that can help farmers in sowing seeds, broadcaster seeders which can help in spreading seed or fertilizer, and fertilizer drills that can help in distributing fertilizer to the ground.

  1. Irrigation

The irrigation equipment can include pumps and sprinklers. Meanwhile, there is also a fire sprinkler that can connect pipes with water supply and is able to control fire. Centre irrigation is utilized in large-scale agricultural activities and distributes water from the middle of the field.

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