Instacart encrypted Facebook exec Fiji Simon as the new CEO


E-commerce launch Instacart just announced its new CEO will take office on August 2. Fiji Simo has been in charge of Facebookbig blue app“Since 2019, when he’s in charge of the news stream, stories, groups, videos, marketplaces, games, news, dating and commercials, but now, such as a number of former Facebook performers recently, he has gone to Instacart before its expected IPO.

Simon’s departure comes at an interesting time for Facebook, with regulators and politicians targeting Big Tech, through its market position and opaque algorithms that dominate the online experience for billions of people. Facebook has faced criticism of “pivot to video” and its role in spreading bad actors and misinformation, while Simon’s memo last year emerged as an example how commitment information seems to be the most important thing to a company.

Facebook Developers Conference F8

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Bloomberg says that he will be replaced by Tom Alison, who led the community products, including the controversial “Groups” feature, and also pointed out that with this change, all of Facebook’s top product apps will be men.

At the same time, the structure of Facebook means that Mark Zuckerberg will continue to run things in his opinion without the threat of being replaced or ousted, regardless of who is responsible for the app itself. Earlier on Thursday a New York times article ran – after warning went out to Facebook employees its assertion does not necessarily represent a “nuanced portrait” – described how the relationship between Zuckerberg and Executive Vice President Sheryl Sandberg has changed in recent years, and Sandberg’s influence over the company is reportedly weakened as Zuckerberg has more control over decisions.

In Instacart, Simo introduces startup recently worth $ 39 billion it is ready to increase its staff and is expected to announce soon. In a statement, he says: “When we think about the future of food, we believe that people’s eating habits and relationships with food will change radically over the next decade. , while becoming an even stronger ally and growth accelerator for retailers and advertisers, helping to create financial opportunities for hundreds of thousands of buyers. “

That doesn’t mean a grocery business isn’t without a problem either incredibly optimistic ideas about workforce automation, as well as dark stories treatment of employees and answers alliance efforts during a pandemic.

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