Instagram is testing a ‘share’ sticker, which really makes it harder to share messages


Instagram doesn’t want you to spam your friends with every message you encounter and like. So today it’s starting a test that makes sharing stories a little trickier. The company is testing a “reshare” label to be placed in the story. When this is selected, the “Recently Viewed” tab will appear, allowing users to choose from the messages they have seen, saved, or sent in the last hour, which they can then share in their story. They can add IGTV, reels and input video content.

You can get an idea of ​​what the test looks like from the image above. In the past, if you wanted to share your feed of your story, you had to do so manually from the post itself. This test replaces that function and actually requires a transition away from the message itself and the creation mode.

According to an Instagram representative, the test is designed to make people more “intentional” and “more intentional” about the things they send. Presumably, this means they don’t want people to just tap the share button on the message and instead turn on a little more friction. At the same time, Instagram probably wants people to be more in touch with the content of the app, which may raise the bar people see and therefore get them to take advantage of different photos and videos.

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