Instagram may soon allow you to create messages from your desktop or portable device


According to the tweet of developer and tipster Alessandro Paluzz, Instagram aims to allow users to create messages from a desktop or portable browser. The feature is being tested internally, and the only way to create an Instagram post right now is through an app or workaround that can appear in a desktop browser like Chrome. This happens to be one of Instagram’s most requested features.
Paluzzi posted some pictures that show what the new feature currently looks like in testing, though we have to point out that Instagram may make changes before the new feature is fully implemented. Creating a message from your desktop on Instagram seems to be similar to how creating it with the Instagram app. As with the application, there is a button (“+” icon inside the rounded box) at the top of the desktop view that allows you to create messages from your desktop or laptop screen.

Desktop users have the right to drag and drop images and videos, and they also have access to an editor that supports cropping and filters. Captions and locations can be added to a photo and people in the photo can be identified. In advanced settings, it appears that users can disable comments.

Paluzzi has not given a date for us to expect Instagram to take this into account. And while we don’t want to hit a dead horse, users of Instagram for work have asked Facebook to allow them to make messages from their desktop or portable device. With this in mind, we expect this new feature to be announced in the near future.


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