Instagram scammers come up with a way to get money for banning people


Instagram scammers have developed a profitable “banning” racket new report from Motherboard. For about $ 60, some scammers are banned regardless of the Instagram account you choose, your friend or foe, and often scammers earn even more money in the background by helping targeted users get back into their accounts.

Process according to interviews and inspected material Motherboard, includes using a verified account to appear as an object (his or her name, photo, biography) and then reporting the object as another person so that they can be banned. Apparently, the method works as long as there is a person in the profile image of the object.

Motherboard writes that the other users they spoke to were also denied accounts because they were reported as a result of the violation; Instagram policies on suicide and self-harm, the type of content that the company has tried to become even more of has been active in recent years. These bans may have been due to any of a variety of scripts that can spam Instagram’s reporting tools without exceeding application limits (apparently about 40 reports).

Banning people is very lucrative according to at least one person Motherboard spoke:

The war, a pseudonym that provided a ban service, said Motherboard In a telegram message, that denial “is almost a full-time job lol.” They claimed to have made more than five issues by selling Instagram bans in less than a month.

The fact that many banning companies also offered assistance with account recovery, sometimes between $ 3,500 and $ 4,000, is unlikely to hurt. Some users stated that they received offers from Account Assistance immediately after deleting their accounts, and that the Instagram account that frequently reported them followed the Instagram account that provided the help.

Instagram did not immediately respond to the request for comment, but the company said Motherboard that it investigated sites that provided banning services and that users should report people suspected of committing such activities.

If you believe your account has been disabled or blocked, Instagram provides instructions in its Help Center how to get it back.

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