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Instagram has revealed that it is testing a new Collab feature that will help content producers collaborate with each other on feed mailing and reels. This feature is being tested in India, which is among the first two countries in the test.

The new feature allows one content provider to invite another to collaborate on posts and reels. If the other person accepts the invitation, Instagram messages and reels have the names of both accounts, allowing them to reach both of their audiences at the same time.

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Instagram is currently testing the “Collab” feature in India.

This helps both factors reach more and more people, as collaboration can be a big part of a content producer’s job.

According to Instagram, the “Collab” service allows you to invite a partner with your inbox and rollers so they can share content with their followers. If they accept, they will be shown as an author, the content will be shared in their profile grid and in their followers in the feed, and you will both see the feedback you shared.

Using the Collab feature on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram and upload photos, videos, or reels

Step 2: After a few edits, you’ll be able to tag people

Step 3: Click Tag People now to invite another content provider by tapping Invite Partner

Step 4: You can find the person you want to collaborate with and add him or her. One thing to note is that only public content providers who can test this feature can receive an invitation. In addition, you must wait for them to accept your request

Step 5: Once the request is approved, the name of the content provider will be added as a tagged person and in the header section of the message or reels.

The new Collab feature is currently being tested on a small number of people and is expected to reach a wider audience soon.


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